What a beautiful article!You are a maestro 🙂

Faking? Had me smiling lol 😀 Cheers!!!

i am unique!

Akshay (2)

As any parent will agree, parenting is a tough job, whether you have a single child or more than one. The joy of becoming one is very genuine of course, because we are unaware of what is going to follow, even though we have been seeing other parents all through our lives; especially our own parents. So when a child is born, it sort of hits you hard, making you confused, nervous and afraid. Suddenly, you have a big responsibility on your shoulders as well as your partner’s and you are not prepared. Like appearing for an exam without adequate preparation. The first couple of things seem difficult, what with the baby crying all the time and you simply can’t understand what for, if it is not for regular feeds. Is the baby hot? Or cold? Tummy ache? Pain somewhere? Fever? Frightened? Faking? Oh my God!

When it starts to…

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