3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge, Day-2!

David of Chape Personal Trainer has nominated me for this challenge. David is a very friendly blogger and we have many similarities. He is a very decent friend and I recommend you to visit his blog and follow him!

Challenge’s rules:


  1. Post three consecutive days.
  2. You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  3. Challenge three different bloggers per day.

Today I am choosing  Ravishankar’s quotes:

Today’s Nominees:

Meg Sorick Writes Better Than She Dresses

Catching My Drift!

My Life Voyages


11 thoughts on “3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge, Day-2!

  1. Afrika Bohemian

    Beautiful quotes. Jai Gurudev. I love the sense coming out of silence quote, I always feel refreshed after the art of living art of silence courses. will you be at the World Culture day in India?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Afrika Bohemian

        I understand but it always feels good to meet tribe especially the ones that radiate such wonderful energy, my first name is Khutsie for short


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