Inside The Bubble!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Inside the Bubble.”

Inside the Bubble

A contagious disease requires you to be put into quarantine for a whole month (don’t worry, you get well by the time you’re free to go!). How would you spend your time in isolation?

Do I have my laptop and internet?

I guess quarantine doesn’t mean Wi-Fi not reaching me. Does it?

In which case, it will pretty much be the same. Without least pride I can say I can repeat this day for infinite number of times. Eternal Recurrence of Nietzsche- and yes I will have no problem at all! I have accepted this madhouse to be a penitentiary and I am doing my time without any repentance. I might be that doctor who visits the madhouse or that janitor or jailor who administers the penitentiaries or I might really be serving my term; in any case I have accepted it the way it is! And yet, it doesn’t mean that those who think they are shaping their destinies are really doing so. I will leave things foggy over here, for you to mull over and pass.

If no internet is available: I lived without any internet or cellphones in Vrindavan for about an year in 2013-14. I feel I am absolutely comfortable with that as well. Some fear of snakes, scorpions and likes was there but other than that I was absolutely fine. I used to meet more people everyday than I had met in years before. But in case of quarantine, I will not be able to see many people I guess. I am assuming I will not have television, internet, cellphone and laptop either. I feel if this extreme can be addressed many other things will be easier to explain.

What will I do during such a quarantine?

I will keep listening to word. I have done that before. I meditated 12 hours a day in January and February 2015. I thought I was on verge of getting perfect spiritual enlightenment so I did harder than usual work. I thought the flame was going to extinguish soon, so, why not burn brighter! So, I can easily manage 12-18 hours of meditation and rest in sleep. One month is quite easy for me. If I can get a notebook I will record my experiences; if not, then also I will manage. To avoid boredom, if I have to persist longer than a month, I will try to change between the meditation and breathing techniques practicing various techniques or experimenting or even inventing new ones.


11 thoughts on “Inside The Bubble!

  1. I guess it is important that someone in isolation could focus on something or do something to get themselves out if boredom. Either to meditate, pray, sing or exercise or even dance. lol 😛 It will be really hard for me but I think most of the time I will just spend sleeping, or day dreaming but I will try to be productive sometimes to save my sanity by thinking positive thoughts. No one really for me should live in isolation but if one choses it then so be it. I guess I will just try to pluck the bubble lol 😛 Hats off to you!

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  2. You can truly aim for a hermit sage in a himalayan cave; the first such cave with wi-fi, with online ‘moksha’ and ‘nirvana’ courses and updates.

    Jokes apart, I don’t think I can ever live in isolation. If I need to have a virtual partner something like a football in ‘cast away’.

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    1. Hahahaha LOL 😀

      That made me laugh!
      But why aim for a hermit sage actually? I feel there is nothing special about a hermit sage. Sometimes it might just be a masochistic feat to prove something to oneself. We are designed to be social animals. To seek attention, love and approval of others is a need in this design. As you know already, some things make us seek them for all the wrong reasons–otherwise seeking attention is healthy and opposite of that is not really something I consider great 🙂

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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