The Cyberhug Award!

Emily at The Cyberhug Awards has nominated me for this award! I heartily thank her for all the kind words and nomination.

Award Rules:

  1. Anyone who’s human (and cats, I’ll except cats although they don’t really like being squeezed much).
  2. Submit a small paragraph on why they need a hug.
  3. Provide their email address and/or their url.
  4. When you’re nominated, you must in turn nominate the person who nominated you.
  5. Winners (that would be everyone that’s nominated) will get an Official Cyberhug Award Certificate through email. Display it or the Official Seal on your website (impress your friends!), or possibly even print it out if you’re really lonely.
  6. Successful Nominees will be eligible to enter the draw to win a truly special set of 3 Cyberhug Gift Certificates for free hugs (how good is that?!). Priority will be given to those who have either gone above and beyond to help people out, are amazing, or need more than one hug.
  7. The Draw shall be announced each week on a day of my choosing (depending if I get out of bed or not), or another day or just when the mood takes me.


My Nominee:

Rules aren’t clear about the number of nominees. Emily sent me a mail and asked me to spread the love by nominating one truly kind soul. So I am nominating Rashmi at:

Mind And Life Matters


Because Rashmi is such a kind person. She is a genuine friend and and an inspiring writer. She is a single and proud mom who loves writing and always keeps all of fellow bloggers inspired with her posts which can make you laugh and make you cry at times. She has a charitable disposition and she is also working for the cause of women empowerment and against domestic violence.

I met Rashmi during the August, 2015, Blogging 101 course classes by Blogging University. She soon distinguished herself by being exceedingly helpful to fellow classmates. Since then we became close blogging friends and she is also a co-admin at Alumni Forum which is a wonderful discussion group somewhat similar to Commons of Blogging 101 but more free in that you can chat as much as you want and it also helps you get better as a blogger, writer and human being. Rashmi has played a pivotal role in the success of Alumni Forum. She has helped all of us with her technical expertise, encouragement and feedback. She is a truly inspiring human being! I have utmost respect for her and I look forward and look upto her for inspiration!


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