Why We Buy

Why we buy! Such a beautiful take on buying psychology–how trading evolved with a dash of humor!

Longer Seconds

Keep in mind these are just my musings and not backed by scientific or historic data of any kind. So read ahead only if you are a fun junkie, or maybe, if you the kind who when is on the commode, thinks of stuff like “I still don’t know why in hell I bought the willy warmer yesterday.”

Procurement, consumption and cleansing. That’s what we do every day. We are born. We are not yet ready to die. Well, most of us anyway. Instead, we choose to spend our time here and while it away, even if we didn’t know what we were doing.


“What are we doing tonight Putin?”   “We shall take over the world while the Americans keep thinking our plans are shitty.”

In this post, let us think about the procurement part of our existence. We use up resources as we live our way through the…

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