Pin Pointing To The Causes Of Spiritual Transformations!


Finding Causes For Transformations!

As you undergo transformation in your life, you look back sometimes. Especially when you feel very blissful. We all want to find out causes for particular effects. Our minds flourish in the cause-and-effect games. Ego wants to control everything so it is always your attempt to find out those things which ticked.

Questions, Questions and Questions Galore!

Was it that particular meditation technique you started last year or that trip to the sanctuary, that initiation you took five years ago, that book you read in college, that shock you had in relationships? What did cause the transformation? Why are you so blissful now?

Better yet–why these questions and who is asking them?

Who Asks The Questions And Why?

The ego asks these questions. Positive ego, also known as sattvic ego wants to help others and also wants to improve you towards spiritual endowment. That is why you keep analyzing the causes and sometimes you get muddled because there are so many things you are doing. If you don’t get muddled–it might be for two reasons:

  1. Either you don’t have enough experience.
  2. Or you have transcended the ego!


So, until you have become enlightened, you will keep dissecting the chains of cause-and-effect in your life journey. What caused what! You want to control changes for better–that is alright. But the matter of fact is–everything is cause of everything else. Infinite things, the whole universe is allowing you to read this article right now. Until everything allows anything it can’t happen. So pin-pointing to certain things might work until the scope is narrow and you work in a small analytical domain of mind–but when transcendence happens you stop focussing on particular causes. Everything is! The meditation technique you learnt last year was caused because you took an initiation 5 years ago, and the initiation was caused because you happened to read that inspiring spiritual book in college, which happened because you were shocked with despair in a relation 10 years ago and started seeking solace in spirituality and that despair happened because you were vulnerable and you were vulnerable because….

Peace is When Questions Are Not!

So everything happened because it had to happen this way. Mantras for success work for a narrow range and not for realizing life. Life is. Truth is. It’s most simple if you let it be. When you stop finding causes behind things–peace is. You are because you couldn’t have been any other way–stop calculating ways backwards and forwards–the entire universe has caused this particular moment–so accept it. You are life!


28 thoughts on “Pin Pointing To The Causes Of Spiritual Transformations!

  1. Yes, yes, yes!! Whatever you say Anand, in this post has me nodding vigorously and I am so glad you wrote this and I read it 🙂
    Over the past few months, I have gone through this same rigmarole of questioning and going into the cause and effect game. I realised that what our logic gives us as an answer is very different from what our intuition (I do not know if it is the right word) and our heart knows. I have let go of the questions now and feel so peaceful. I am trying to ‘just be’ and enjoy the mystery that is life.

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  2. Great post. Reminds me of my medicine viva (as always I will bore you till death with another vignette 🙂

    We have been given a paralysed patient, and we all spent some 20 min each. People who could tell maximum causes and defend a final diagnosis were winner. Somebody gave 3-4 causes, I gave some 14-15 causes and excluded one by one with reasoning. Our topper (wasn’t me) gave some 26 causes and his viva went for an hour. Patient who was listening suddenly interrupted, “डाक्टर! मला काय त्रास नाही. पण तुमि पुढे वाचला ना, मी उडी मारतो” (can’t remember marathi words. But, it meant I will jump from window if you say one more cause)

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  3. When you stop finding causes behind things–peace is. You are because you couldn’t have been any other way–stop calculating ways backwards and forwards–the entire universe has caused this particular moment–so accept it. – challenge accepted

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  4. Anand, I really think.. You must and must give it a shot on being a motivational author!! You just know how to get those reins in your hands.. The way you later your posts is just brilliant.. 👍🏻👍🏻

    I’m sorry, if I’m uninformed, if you already are into the field.. Are you??

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    1. Oh thanks for being so kind Noorain 🙂
      I am happy with doing what I am doing and if life wants me to be an author I might become one. This is easy-desktop publishing so I do it and feel blissful.

      Thank you so much.

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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