Liebster Award Round Eleven!

Zahra of Facts and Commentary  has renominated me for a Liebster award. I nominated her and she nominated me back. I thank her for being so gracious. She is a day-scholar who likes to write on various issues and writes nice poetry too. I recommend you to visit her beautiful blog and follow her!


  • Once you are nominated, make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you.
  • Include the Liebster Award sticker in the post too.
  • Nominate 5 -10 other bloggers who you feel are worthy of this award. Let them know they have been nominated by commenting on one of their posts. You can also nominate the person who nominated you.
  • Lastly, COPY these rules in the post.

Note: Since Zahra didn’t ask any questions. I am skipping questions round. But usually we answer some questions here!

My Nominees…

Most of these friends are my fellow bloggers from Blogging 101 course we are currently taking. They are active, friendly, creative and inspiring! I recommend you to visit them!





Franky Tells It Like It Is

On The Road Through

Mommy Blogger Bliss

And The Silence Converses

Joys of Joel

Wandering Soul

My Questions To My Nominees:

  1. What inspires you?
  2. How do you aim to inspire others?
  3. What do you most admire in a leader?
  4. What gives you meaning in your work?
  5. What personality trait has been the most enduring and representative of you?
  6. What genre of movie do you like best, and how has it evolved over your adult life?
  7. Who is your hero?
  8. Where do you feel most at peace?
  9. What song makes you sing along out loud, and/or break into dance?
  10. What do you want people to remember most about you after meeting you for the first time?
  11. What are you most proud of?

28 thoughts on “Liebster Award Round Eleven!

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  2. Wandering Soul

    Award? Me? Nah!! Wait a minute. Really? YIPEE!!! I am over the moon. 🙂 (Wooaahh!… didn’t really mean for the shuttle to take off. Oh well, more when the space shuttle refuels and when I land back on Earth. 🙂
    Thank you, means a lot to me. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I have never seen anyone happier on being nominated. Though it means a lot, I am sure you will get tons of them if you wish you participate. They are a way to engage and interact with your fellow bloggers. They are time consuming but foster camaraderie 🙂

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂


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