Energy Carried Through Words!

Communication is Transfer of Energy!

Communication is transfer of energy through words, gestures and expressions. All communications have unique sets of expressions, gestures, words and spaces which make them carry specific frequencies of vibrations. It’s not just words which carry message but also the spaces and all spaces are not same spaces.

So as you are reading this article, you are feeling the energy which created it. It’s not essentially the permanent temperament of the author(if anything like that exists in the first place!) but his energy resultant at the moment. Let’s make this clear: Someone might be very kind and calm but agitated while creating something. Similarly someone might be restless but calm at the time of communication. So that creation certainly carries that energy resultant. Live interactions are not the only indicators of presence; energy carried through teachings of sages like Buddha, Jesus, Krishna and Gandhi is felt even when they are not physically present and it keeps inspiring millions. Everything you say or do has definite mark of your presence. When you read a blog post or book you can feel the energy resultant which created it. Whether author was in a hurry, agitated, angry, ecstatic, calm or blissful–you can feel it while reading.

Eckhart Tolle

The writings or speeches which come from heart or mind can easily be differentiated. Books like The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and I Am That which carries energy of Nisargadatta Maharaj’s discourses can make you feel blissful as you read them. You can feel that they come from heart–from the dwelling place of supreme self.

Presence Felt Through Words

Even instant messaging has your energy. You can’t hide it even if you try. The person with whom you communicate might not know all the nuances of energy and presence but instinctively we all sense the energy and intentions no matter how well or deep hidden they might seem in the beginning. The media which you come into contact with, in your day-to-day life, has the power to change you. It shapes you even if you don’t know it. Negativity of social media and news on television and big screen might crush you if you expose yourself fully to it. Similarly positive media can uplift you. The books you read and articles you attend keep constantly shaping you. This is also known as frequency following response in technical studies.

If you read inspirational books and biographies of sages–they uplift you and make your thinking sublime. Meditation is also tuning into higher energy communication. You may call it listening to sages! You are constantly being shaped by influences around you. Being conscious and having light means that you are not just extremely sensitive and vulnerable being but also carefully choose the influences around you. Does it mean you resist certain channels and run away from them? Does it mean you don’t accept the world as it is? Yes and no.

Acceptance is being happy with totality still doing your best. Acceptance is not denial of working for self-improvement. It’s being content with the way universe is. It’s being in harmony with what is. Still you can choose to be in better company. You can choose the books you read or not read–the news you attend or not.


16 thoughts on “Energy Carried Through Words!

  1. I have always noticed that my moods are affected by what I read and what I watch. Most of the time, even everything I write is affected by it. Now it makes sense as to why! Thank you for writing this wonderful article and helping me broaden my knowledge in the area. 🙂

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  2. I believe the energy you send out has a kind of ripple effect… especially on the internet for things get shared and reshared and can go on ad infinitum. For example, you have affected me by writing this article… and now I’m sending you good thoughts in return 🙂

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