Who Am I And Why Am I here?

Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post on your blog.

Note: This post is in response to Blogging University Blogging 101 course.

My name is Anand and I live in India. I started scribbling my ideas in 2003 in notebooks to increase my perceptivity. Those notebooks kept growing in time and I was not able to manage them. I burnt them, threw them away at unknown places and sold them to peddlers, still their memories kept haunting me. Then I started frequenting online forums in 2008 and it became easier as I relied less and less on notebooks. In 2011, I started keeping a blog for the same on Google’s Blogger. In July, 2015, I switched to WordPress when a friend suggested. This was a great breakthrough for blogging. As I joined Blogging University Blogging 101 course in August this year, I came to meet many new friends and learnt many things to improve myself as a blogger.

  • Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?

Getting feedback on your ideas is key to your growth as a person, thinker and a writer. Systems which are closed and don’t get feedback collapse very soon. I need feedback and discussion to thrive as a human being and thinker. I also want to help others with my writings. Unless I blog publicly and interact with others–there is no chance to reach out to others and help. I feel, listening others attentively helps them and sometimes even heals them. I feel we can build a great society if we all listen each other attentively. Blogging publicly helps me listen others!

  • What topics do you think you’ll write about?

I will mostly write about Mysticism, Spirituality, Psychology, Healing, Movies, Meditation and Astrology. Sometimes I will share personal anecdotes and inspiring quotations. I will also take part in blogging events and challenges and respond to prompts from various sources.

  • Who would you love to connect with via your blog?

Everyone. I would love to know people from all walks of life. I would also love to contact other people who want to help others selflessly.

  • If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?

I don’t know. I enjoy blogging everyday. I hope to interact with many more people. Listen to many more people and make some really good friends and help create a better Blogosphere and society.


47 thoughts on “Who Am I And Why Am I here?

  1. You have a firm understand of what you write. I began journaling on paper years Go. I still use notebooks for gathering my thoughts. Sometime I think better through the tip of a pencil. I always use a pencil, because I know I can change words if I feel the need to.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words Scott. I used pencil for a long period of time when I was in college, primarily because it gave me a great speed which pen didn’t. I rarely used to look back on scribbles those days. Now I don’t use pen and paper as often but I do use them. Have a great week ahead 🙂

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂


  2. Wow Anand. You have such a way with words and your writing reflects who you are as a person. I have only just started writing on the Blogging 101 course. I was quite busy on another web site writing pages, and every day the Blogging 101 posts came up in my email, so finally I relented and decided to get involved and I am so glad that I have. I have already started to meet some amazing people.
    This article feels familiar to me. I also wrote pages and pages of notes. I haven’t burned all mine yet. Maybe I will be able to pull out some of my note books and use some of that material and complete some of my work. Great writing Anand.

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 You are very kind. You did the right thing by joining this amazing course. It also changed my whole outlook on blogging. I met more people online than I had met ever before. I heartily thank you for your kind words. Your writing is also so beautiful and I am sure you will get a lot of material from your previous scribblings for your blog 🙂

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂


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  4. beingmepresently

    I’m glad there is someone else who shares my obsession with notebooks! I agree with you – there is a saying that when you talk you are only saying what you already know, but when you listen you will learn. X

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  5. Fantastic post Vibrant. I think the concepts you are discussing hold relevance for everyone. Our connections with other people make who are individually, and help shape our souls. I’m very glad I found you as I’m exploring the nature of God, how the universe works, emotionally bonding with others and I’m sure I’m going to learn a thing or two from you. A pleasure to make your acquaintance,



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    1. Thanks for your kind words Emily 🙂

      I feel we all are learning from each other all the time so I will also learn from you 🙂

      I am glad we came to know each other. I wish you very best 🙂

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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