There Are No Perfect Human Beings!

Ram has been worshipped for about 7000 years now. Krishna has been worshipped for about 5000 years. Buddha for about 2600 years. Jesus for about 2000 years. Kabir, Chaitanya and Nanak for about 600 years. The first point is about deification. People who were humans like me and you were worshipped and are being worshipped. These people helped humanity and showed light when it was needed. They created great movements and had a great impact on their times.

Christianity says Jesus is the only son of God. Hindus will convince you that only 24 avatars are possible and Krishna and Ram are only true Gods. Sikhs will say that Nanak is the only true messenger of God. Kabirpanthis will suggest that Kabir was the only incarnation of God who came in every age. This is the way cults get created and then become religions. There is needed a certain degree of pride in something which you consider your ‘own’ and only then that can flourish. A universal consciousness dissolves all pride, all jingoism, fanaticism and conformity.

All these people and many others were divine. But they were human beings. If you start dissecting their lives–you will find many imperfections. Start dissecting character of Gandhi and you will find many flaws–but is it where you should really look? Shirdi Sai Baba was a walking and talking saint who guided many people saying “there is only one God,” just a few hundred years ago and now you have so many temples in his name. This is how avatars get created. It’s not necessary that an avatar or a divine incarnation of God says that he is God. But he is God alright. As much as you are God or I am God.

God’s goodness and goodness gets expressed through these people. They have immense power of goodness which is mostly to help change for betterment of mankind and that is why they are worshipped as gods. But they are all imperfect and they all have their idiosyncrasies and peculiarities. The flame burning inside them is same and their messages are same–it is us who interpret it as per our own understanding and fails to see it clearly. We create religions around the signs and outer symbols and miss the message. The divinity just means this: goodness. You are as divine as Jesus, Buddha, Ram or Krishna and if someone says you aren’t they are telling a lie because reality is one. Truth is one. God is one and present in every form and in every being.

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17 thoughts on “There Are No Perfect Human Beings!

  1. Maria Velazco

    What if what seems imperfect to the human perspective is actually perfect in the divine one’s plan? and perfection and imperfection are just a matter of perspective and everything and everyone is perfect?

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    1. Yes, that is completely true 🙂

      Though what I was addressing was related to human perspective.

      For example–many humans start finding faults in what Gandhi or Buddha did and they feel great by doing so–they overlook overwhelming goodness such humans had.

      Remembering that they are humans like you and me helps us appreciate them much more 🙂

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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  2. Allama iqbal on Shri Raam chandra

    लबरेज़ है शराबे-हक़ीक़त से जामे-हिन्द ।
    सब फ़ल्सफ़ी हैं खित्ता-ए-मग़रिब के रामे हिन्द ।।
    ये हिन्दियों के फिक्रे-फ़लक उसका है असर,
    रिफ़अत में आस्माँ से भी ऊँचा है बामे-हिन्द ।
    इस देश में हुए हैं हज़ारों मलक सरिश्त,
    मशहूर जिसके दम से है दुनिया में नामे-हिन्द ।
    है राम के वजूद पे हिन्दोस्ताँ को नाज़,
    अहले-नज़र समझते हैं उसको इमामे-हिन्द ।
    एजाज़ इस चिराग़े-हिदायत का है ,
    यहीरोशन तिराज़ सहर ज़माने में शामे-हिन्द ।
    तलवार का धनी था, शुजाअत में फ़र्द था,
    पाकीज़गी में, जोशे-मुहब्बत में फ़र्द था ।
    :- Sir Mohammed Iqbal

    शब्दार्थ :लबरेज़ है शराबे-हक़ीक़त से जामे-हिन्द । सब फ़ल्सफ़ी हैं खित्ता-ए-मग़रिब के रामे हिन्द ।।= हिन्द का प्याला सत्य की मदिरा से छलक रहा है। पूरब के सभी महान चिंतक इहंद के राम हैं; फिक्रे-फ़लक=महान चिंतन; रिफ़अत=ऊँचाई; बामे-हिन्द=हिन्दी का गौरव या ज्ञान; मलक=देवता; सरिश्त=ऊँचे आसन पर; एजाज़=चमत्कार; चिराग़े-हिदायत=ज्ञान का दीपक; सहर=भरपूर रोशनी वाला सवेरा; शुजाअत=वीरता; फ़र्द=एकमात्र, अद्वितीय; पाकीज़गी= पवित्रता

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  3. Nobody is perfect even all the saints were rebels at some point in there lives and made mistakes we all do we are only human we can only try to do what is right that does not mean we always are. We need our own personal experience of god to believe and we only need god when we are desperate and some people never are because they always have the support of others. I have found my god and my god is everybody elses god too. Finding god is not easy and submitting ones soul to god happens through much prayer and facing ourselves and what we are, asking forgiveness for any wrong we might have done wether we think we have done wrong or not. Rising above this world and finding some thing far more beautiful than anything this world as to offer, i did and i want to go there again one day, this beautiful world does not come from drugs or anything worldly it comes from god when we give ourself and renew our soul and we are born again for real. A new beggining where we change into a much better person.

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  4. I really needed to read something of this sort.. I have this theory of love, peace, humanity and gratitude, but someone very close to me has termed it as a joke. For that person, it’s all false and his/her religion is the best. I dunno about religions. I haven’t really taken any interest in religions. But yes, I do take interest in love and peace. And anybody promoting it is as good as ram, krishna or any other God this world knows..

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