I Am A Traveller, Dear Friends!


A mystic is a traveller in the world, though always at home. It sounds paradoxical. It must do! Wisdom of a mystic is most paradoxical. You might have seen written “होटेल रैन बसेरा !” on various lodges found at the bus stands of small cities in India. Something which roughly translates to “Hotel for staying overnight,” in english speaking countries. The Hindi term has a music about it. The world at large and all homes in it are not more than the overnight stay. The world is constantly in a state of flux. Only change is unchangeable. Change is the law. Change is the only constant.

So a mystic is at home in his heart. Always living in the abode of harmony and peace. Inebriated with love, he is love and lives in love, but at the same time, he considers every external stay as a temporary stay. Everyone he meets is a fellow traveller who will travel only a few steps along. There are no permanent travelling companions because journey here is impermanent but it’s journey nonetheless.


You might have observed that travellers are wiser than people who stay–I mean worldly-wise. Since they get to see people from many lands, many customs and find peculiarities of people and societies–they become worldly wiser–they might be truly wiser too. A traveller is ready to give up attachments because he knows that he is on the move–on a constant move. Mendicants, fakirs, pilgrims and renunciates have this mentality too. The songs below beautifully express these sentiments:

The poem below I read in primary school. I recalled a few lines and googled but couldn’t find the full length. Though I was lucky enough to find author’s name!


अब तक यों ही काटी,
अब क्या सीखें नाव परिपाटी?
कौन बनाए आज घरौंदा,
हाथों चुन –चुन कंकड़ माटी.!
ततह फकीराना है अपना,
बघंबर ओढ़े अपना तन.
हम अनिकेतन, हम अनिकेतन!
हम तो रमते राम, हमारा क्या घर, क्या दर और क्या वतन?

हम ना रुके हैं, हम ना रुकेंगे!
हम अनिकेतन, हम अनिकेतन!

रश्मीरेखा, बालकृष्ण शर्मा, “नवीन.”

English: The translation definitely doesn’t do justice with the sentiments of poet Balkrishna Sharma(Naveen.) Still, I have tried to do it for English readers.

So far life has been spent like this,

Who will build a house,

By choosing sand, pebbles and marbles now?

My existence is that of a Fakir!

I wear the skin of tiger on my body!

I am homeless,


I am a traveller,

I have no home, no door,

No country!

I have never stopped,

I will never stop!

Rashmirekha, Balkrishna Sharma “Naveen.”

And this song from film Parichaya, penned by Gulzar, also beautifully says something similar:


Beautiful music is by R. D. Burman.

मुसाफिर हूँ यारों
ना घर है ना ठिकाना
मुझे चलते जाना है
बस चलते जाना
एक राह रुक गयी तो और जुड गयी
मैं मुड़ा तो साथ-साथ राह मुड़ गयी
हवा के परों पर मेरा आशियाना
मुसाफिर हूँ यारों
ना घर है ना ठिकाना
मुझे चलते जाना है
बस चलते जाना

दिन ने हाथ थाम कर इधर बिठा लिया
रात ने इशारे से उधर बुला लिया
सुबह से शाम से मेरा दोस्ताना
मुसाफिर हूँ यारों
ना घर है ना ठिकाना
मुझे चलते जाना है
बस चलते जाना!


I am a traveller, dear friends;

I neither have a home, nor a destination,

I have to keep walking,

Only keep walking!

When a street stopped,

Another got added!

When I turned,

The street also took turn with me!

I am a traveller, dear friends;

I neither have a home, nor a destination,

I have to keep walking,

Only keep walking!

The day took my hand and asked me to sit here;

The night called me there with a gesture;

Morning and evening are my buddies;

I am a traveller dear friends!

I neither have a home, nor a destination!

I have to keep walking;

Just keep walking!



21 thoughts on “I Am A Traveller, Dear Friends!

  1. I like the post. The songs are good; the message very pertinent. We become too attached to the things of this world; and call some ours and stick to them but we soon leave them and go. When we leave the comfort of our homes, or our country, or our blog and meet other people in their own lands or homes or blog or just as we move, we get to learn and grow instead of being locked up in ourselves. This is what I get from this lovely post; and I think it is a great message.


    1. I love your comment dear! You are very kind. Thanks for such a beautiful comment. Yes I have always loved that song. Gulzar is my favorite lyricist. Thanks for reading and comment!

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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