Movie Recommendations From The Last Week!

As I was not able to access internet for many days last week, I could not roam around in the blogosphere and I watched many films. Some of them were excellent and others not so good. I would like to recommend some of them, though I have included a brief summary of the impressions all of them made on me.

Paper House(1988)

Is a visually stunning masterpiece portraying mind of a young girl. It’s a strange mix of fantasy and horror.The film has a beautiful score by Hans Zimmer and the cinematography is superb. The film is fresh and very original in its depiction of dreams and subconscious fears the girl has.

A girl draws some strange house and then she visits it. In time, the demarcation between her dreams and reality starts getting blurred and some strange paranormal activities start happening in her life. Later on, after much mayhem and disturbance everything starts falling in place and a beautiful love story also develops. Some of the scene are ethereal, some others surreal and entire film is exquisite and visually stunning!

The Hypothesis of A Stolen Painting(1978)

It’s a minimalist mystery in French. There are two narrators: one is the collector of Fredric Tonnerre’s mysterious paintings which supposedly form a series and depict a cult ceremony and another is a meta-narrator who comments about the narrator occasionally. The fourth painting was stolen as per the narrator who has hired models, acquired props and rigged up lighting in order to re-enact each of the six surviving scenes as a tableau vivant to explain his viewpoints to the second narrator.  The film is unique and mysterious. Those who value art and paintings and mystery must watch it.

Without a Trace(1983)

This is a beautiful film with an account of a woman who loses her child. One day, a young child Alex who went to school disappears and then the mother contacts police. A detailed police procedural is shown. The film has beautiful script and acting. A wonderful storytelling. I cried a river watching the final scene as it was so overwhelming!


Is a Samuel Jackson thriller about a terrorist who is so prepared to wreak havoc on many USA cities and to is prepared to undergo such extreme torture that he forces the military and FBI to do unthinkable things to make him reveal the location of the bombs. The film has a lot of violence and gore and it’s disturbing. I didn’t like it as it mostly relies on the extreme measures! Viewer discretion is advised.

Mountains of The Moon(1990)


This film presents an account of Sir Richard Francis Burton’s account of expeditions in search of Nile river’s source during the regime of queen Victoria. Lt. John Hanning Speke also accompanied him and they become friends during hardships they face in a really arduous journey, which ends after the journey. The account looks authentic and maybe it engages a lot but it failed to impress me and I didn’t like the film. A few scenes did make me giggle though–as you find strange customs among african tribes–like one where they drink something and then spit forcefully on each other’s face!

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9 thoughts on “Movie Recommendations From The Last Week!

  1. Don’t laugh 😐 but I actually don’t remember if I watched one of those movies
    You know with all that free time you had next week you could use it for reading a book or two like Wuthering Heights

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