Out Of Your Reach!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Out of Your Reach.”

There was a toy which I always wanted but could never get: that was a plane which could fly and come back to me. I had seen it once. Someone in my neighborhood or at a relative’s home. But no, I didn’t get a chance to look at it closely. If my friends in neighborhood or any relatives had it I must have got to try my hand at it once. But it didn’t happen. So it must have been somewhere on TV or somewhere distant–where I just had an instant to look at it.


But my favorite childhood toy was a video game and I did get it. Not just once. So why does the memory of that plane linger? I think I craved for it between age 4 to 6 or something and I couldn’t get it. I went to shops in my vicinity and in market but they didn’t have it. Sometimes I asked my grandfather or uncles who were visiting out-of-town to bigger cities, but I couldn’t get it. I feel they never took me seriously or whatever, but I lost the urge after sometime. You know how strong our urges are unless they are truly deeply rooted and we are all children all our lives!


25 thoughts on “Out Of Your Reach!

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  2. For me it was one of those cars that actually drove (at like 1 mph). I remember the choices were either Barbie or G.I. Joe themed cars, and I would spend hours trying to decide which I would prefer because I liked them both. Didn’t matter. Those things were ridiculously expensive and my parents weren’t in the habit of wasting money. But man did I dream of one 🙂

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