Lisa Longworth’s mini story

Lisa’s story is very inspiring and beautiful and tells you, quite convincingly, that death is merely an illusion. Facing death makes you appreciate life more and you live more. Thanks for sharing it David!

Love and light ❤

Anand 🙂

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At 19-years-old, I had a near-death-experience after life threatening brain surgery that changed my life forever. The downside of the brain surgery has been a lifetime challenge since then to maintain biochemical balance. My creative highs and lows after the surgery were more dramatic than before. On every other level though, the change was positive as it put me on a powerful journey that I walk today, with even more passion and purpose, as the world has changed 36 year later, becoming as I saw it in my near-death-experience.

The privilege of dying is to know with certainty that death ultimately is an illusion. The gift of brushing death’s doorway was to experience an ecstatic bliss of Life. I am so grateful to have returned from the surgery whole, which the surgeons had given me slim odds of surviving and a high probability of being a quadriplegic. The biggest gift…

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