A Sacred Instrument!


Tao Te Ching 29

Those who wish to take the world and control it
I see that they cannot succeed
The world is a sacred instrument
One cannot control it
The one who controls it will fail
The one who grasps it will lose

Because all things:
Either lead or follow
Either blow hot or cold
Either have strength or weakness
Either have ownership or take by force

Therefore the sage:
Eliminates extremes
Eliminates excess
Eliminates arrogance


8 thoughts on “A Sacred Instrument!

  1. Afrika Bohemian

    I love it, “The sage eliminates extremes, excess and arrogance” If we could all try the world will be that much brighter. Thanks for the beautiful lesson. Please check out this link http://www.tribe53.com/?p=1222, I have nominated you for the Infinity award, thank you for being a great friend in the blogosphere

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