Awe and Wonder!

By the Dots

We all have strange relationships with punctuation — do you overuse exclamation marks? Do you avoid semicolons like the plague? What type of punctuation could you never live without? Tell us all about your punctuation quirks!

My punctuation quirks!

I think the person who suggested this prompt has already done the job! I can’t live without the exclamation mark! I so love it! I don’t know why! Now I don’t even know why it’s used! I just love the way it looks! Is it about the excitement, about awe and wonder? I don’t know!

My blog’s name also uses one exclamation mark. When I was taking the Blogging 101 course by the Blogging University of WordPress, a fellow blogger friend suggested me to drop the exclamation mark and I did. Then, after a while, after having observed it in too many blogs I picked it up again. I thought, since so many of them were doing it, it might not have been wrong! Silly, I know. But this is what subconscious urges make you do!

I feel I am like a child. There was a time when I felt as if I had known everything in the book. Life was boring, relations were boring and routines were boring. Now, I feel life is a great mystery, relations are mysteries and routines are mysteries inside mysteries! I have a sense of awe and wonder akin to a young child and that might be the reason why I love to exclaim so much!

I can do without semi-colons. In fact, I rarely use them. They aren’t plague–but being a non-native speaker, I am not dexterous with the punctuation. I try to learn but most of my life I have spent time writing english, instead of speaking it. So unless I actually practice speaking, I will have a hard time rectifying my punctuation and pronunciation. Yes, that’s right, my pronunciation sucks too. I learnt high flowering words like  onomatopoeia, without pronunciation back in college to impress my friends, but later I came to know that my pronunciation was wrecked and I should have learnt it when it was time. I was throwing my verbal garbage to impress my friends and only a few of them who were learned enough caught my offbeat pronunciation and started correcting me. It was embarrassing indeed and I deserved embarrassment. I feel all obnoxious and pretentious people deserve embarrassment. I have been kind of guy who without having learnt rules of grammar fully starts correcting others’ and then miserbaly embarrases himself when someone formidable crosses the path and teaches a law or two!

Well, this rant was supposed to be about the punctuation and now it has become about pronunciation! Isn’t it how our minds work? I feel prompt has done its job. Prompts are about triggering flow of your creative juices and then they don’t care whether you go one way or other! You just go and you keep going until you feel that it has become too much and nobody will bother reading anymore! Then what? Then you stop!

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41 thoughts on “Awe and Wonder!

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  2. Hold up, you all! I, too, have something to say; I must remember what it was…Oh my! What was it? Now I remember! These are my favorite marks: period, comma, question mark, and apostrophe. Mostly one uses an apostrophe to show possession or to show that a letter is left out in contractions. Is this long enough to get me into the “punctuation” relay? Well, l’m not through yet- oh yes, I guess I am! Bye-bye.

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    1. What is that punctuation-relay mam?
      Is that a hall-of-fam?
      In the wonderland?
      Of Alice?
      Who lives without malice?
      To avoid,
      the void,
      apostrophe catastrophe?
      Well she might,
      Until there is love,
      and light!!!!!!


  3. The exclamation mark fit you well. The only wrong use would be using as someone else suggests. The thoughts, correct or not, sometimes doesn’t follow clean lines of rules. And it’s expression may require an extra one or two of these! Great job!! My friend !!

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  4. I love exclamation marks! And I use them a lot! As you can see from this comment and my posts! LOL 😀
    I only find it weird when people use too too too many exclamation marks, which makes it sound like they are shouting! haha
    I love the exclamation with your blog title, I think it gives it a cool factor! 🙂

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  5. Exclamation marks are awesome!!!!!! and don’t let anyone tell you differently!!! Sometimes I feel like I’m shouting, though!!! I’ve recently learned to appreciate the semicolon but only because I found out how to use it properly thank to Pam’s grammar post!!

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  6. Haha Anand! If there was a support group for exclamation point addicts, I would be a member! I even use them with question marks!!! Really?! You ask..Oh yes indeed!!! I’m also a big fan of the …pause! And I’ve also been accused of making up words…but that’s another topic!!! Haha! 😜

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    1. Hahaha LOL Kat.
      True. And your making up words suggests you are a truly creative writer. After all, writers are always making up stories–so they should also make up words–why not?!

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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  7. I also overuse exclamation marks!!! Hehehe
    Grammerly has helped me use the semi-colin more; but, I never really got it in 7th grade English class.
    I’m native born user of English, so don’t feel poorly!

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    1. yes, someone came up with those words and rules…and they keep changing…so why can’t WE just invent some ourselves? Actually I think English Grammar and Punctuation IS a required Freshman course in some colleges…as it should be. Why don’t they just refresh it in every class?

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