I need sleep, lots of sleep!


My one line, our one poem, 

Beneath the gauze of clouds, sleep.

Sticky fingers empty a cookie jar,

In Search of Promised Eternal Bliss,

I am running out of ideas!

Lying awake, listening to nighttime sounds,

Watch the cow and her calf.

She loves, conquers, and cherishes life;

Time is ticking, winter is coming…

Do a little dance and smile!

Cognac drunk I prepare for war,

‘It’s a girl!’ the doctor cried!

Broken heart will heal itself eventually,

The crisp ocean breezes healed him!

The leaves fell like her tears,

It’s best to be beautiful inside.

Tangibly terrified by wailing whistling winds, 

Your smile pushes away my darkness;

Coffee; Coffee; Coffee and more coffee!

Tonight we are free to think,

My truest heart only you see,

The sound of something far away;

keep going, keep churning, till done,

Why everything is so dry stale?

I need sleep, lots of sleep.


  1. This is a group poem. 25 entries. Thank you everyone!
  2. There is no theme. 6 words is the limit.
  3. Please send your entries to: thinkerv0@gmail.com
  4. It will be published on Tuesday.

43 thoughts on “I need sleep, lots of sleep!

            1. Thanks Jen 🙂

              It’s Vijaya Dashami(Dussehra) today here. 🙂

              We broke fasts yesterday. Today effigies of demon king Ravana(as a symbol of badness) will be burnt all over in the town.

              Love and light ❤

              Anand 🙂

              Liked by 1 person

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