Absolute Power Doesn’t Corrupt!

Ad Men Are Bad Men!

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.

John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902)

I have had many discussions on this intriguing quote. This quote, in a way is an admission by John Acton himself that he was a bad man. Because he was a great man and he was a Baron!

Can we say that ‘almost always’ bit might give leeway for Buddhas, Jesuses, Laotzus and Gandhis? Or were they all bad men? I don’t know. You can figure it out for yourself and every conclusion is equally valid a conclusion.

Absolute Power!

Hindus are worship Shakti(Power) this week. Is it a worship in the manner dictators, monarchs, politicians and power hungry people do? No it isn’t that. It’s worshipping the absolute power in a symbolic form. In form of a goddess. This power is the power behind the creation. The power which runs this universe and infinite such universes. It’s known by names like Maya, Creatrix, Kundalini, Nature and Kali. It’s the power of love. It’s not different from God. God and Shakti are one. The power can never be different from its possessor–especially the primordial power. This very power keeps souls deluded and when God graces someone–it helps them break free from the quagmire of illusions.

Absolute Power Makes You Absolutely Beautiful!

Does absolute power corrupt? No it doesn’t. Who had absolute power in history of mankind? Nobody. Humans can’t have absolute power. Only God has absolute power. Is God corrupt? Zeus might be corrupt, Indra might be corrupt, Vishnu or other gods might appear to be corrupt because they are creations of fertile human minds–but God can’t be corrupt. If Satan is running this world(as gnostics believe) then God might be corrupt–absolutely corrupted(compared to when?) but his father can’t be corrupted–because he is absolute and eternal and has always been the way he is!

So if you get absolute power–will you get corrupted? First–you can’t take even a bit more power than you already have–your body minds are not designed to take power beyond a certain limit–but if you are somehow given the body minds to take absolute power–the power of God–you will change positively. Absolutely beautifully and you will become God. You are already God but you consider yourself to be a body and mind–but if you get the absolute power–you will be incorruptible.


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16 thoughts on “Absolute Power Doesn’t Corrupt!

    1. Yes, you might be right. Though in this thread my emphasis was on absolute power. I suggest that God has absolute power and nobody else and absolute power of God doesn’t corrupt because it is beyond corruptible.

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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  1. We are taught by christ humility which is to humble ourself to god, christ was a teacher he gave himself to god showing us what we should do. Gandi taught in a similar way often humbling himself to god. We give up all power to submit to god who fills us full of the spirit that shows us how to live in gods eyes instead of our own.

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  2. This theory applied only to humans, and not gods I believe. Gandhi, Buddha, Jesus didn’t have absolute power rather they seemed helpless in times. Corrupts may be those in absolute power like Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Several dictators, Nehru, Indira, Modi, Kejriwal….its our judgement though according to perceptions to justify one or another.

    Your absolute power is I think more on spiritual level which none of the above humans ever had.

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