Whys and Hows of Pingbacks!


We all receive awards by our blogging friends. Since I participate in many such events, I feel I should share something which could be important for many of us.

What Are Pingbacks?

They are links for the other blogs which generate notifications. It could be a link for the person who nominated you for an award or it could be a blog you are nominating for an award or it could be any blog you want to mention. The important thing is–that a notification will be generated on the blog you are mentioning.

Why Create Pingbacks?

It is important to create pingbacks.

  1. Many award posts have it in their rules that you must notify all the bloggers you nominate. It is good if you can do it but it’s not always possible. When you are responding to many awards or you are busy–it might not be possible to individually go on all the 15 blogs you nominated.
  2. When you respond to awards–it is not always immediately. Sometimes it is after a week and even after a month you were nominated. Creating a ping-back for the nominator is an easy way of acknowledging your gratitude to the friend who kindly nominated you. This keeps your blogging relations harmonious.
  3. It’s not just about awards. When you appreciate any blogger, if you generate the pingback–they get to know that you mentioned their blog. Now they might or might not be the regular visitors on your blog. They might not even be your followers–in any case they will appreciate you mentioning them. That will improve your blogging relations.
  4. Pingbacks are easy. Even if you go to all blogs and notify them about awards–pingbacks are an added layer which do no harm. I feel pingbacks must be done.


How To Create Pingbacks?

It was after a few award posts that I came to know about the proper way to create pingbacks. I am not tech-savvy so I missed on instructions earlier. Grace Anne of 20 Day World helped me learn it properly. I thank her for this.

  1. Instead of giving URL of homepage give URL of a particular post.
  2. URL of homepage will not generate pingback:

For example: 20 Day World this contains the link to the homepage of Grace. It will not generate any pingbacks on her blog.

[ You can do a simple left-click on the link above and see that it contains the URL to her homepage.]

20 Day World this contains the link to the latest post on her blog. 

[ You can do a left click on it to see the link or do a right click and open the link to visit her blog page. You will be able to see the pingback generated by this post on her blog post in the comments section–provided she has allowed the pingbacks on her blog–this is also important to notice–you need to allow pingbacks in Dashboard–Settings—Discussion]

Thanks for reading. If you have any doubts about them, please let me know in comments or via email. I will be happy to be of any help. Love and light!


31 thoughts on “Whys and Hows of Pingbacks!

  1. Great help to me, my friend! I didn’t realize that a pingback has to be to a specific post. I have been fortunate that I have been linking to specific posts. Your post ensures that I will only link to specific posts. Thanks for a great article!

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  2. Thanks for the reminder. I’m always linking to home pages and then assuming the blogger will see a pingback. I should be linking to a post instead! One question: how about a page? If I link to someone’s about page, would that work?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I guess that should work. But I am not sure. Maybe that is why I didn’t get notified for the guest post? I was wondering lol 😀 Did it get published?

      Thanks Bethany.
      Have a lovely week.

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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