The Avengers: Age of Ultron!

This is Blabberwockying!

It has been almost 2 months since I watched a good film. Since Blogging University’s courses started I was hooked to the fascinating world of blogging with WordPress. This kept my mind off films, though I am a film buff. Yesterday I decided to watch the biggest blockbuster of the year.


My experience with the first film of the series was mind-blowing. I have always been in awe of the special effects created in the hollywood flicks. In 2011(If I remember it well) I went to a theater in Bangalore to watch Avengers. Since we were busy, I could not manage to book tickets in advance and I had to sit in front row with my friend. I had to keep the neck titled up for entire film, still the experience etched in my memory as the single most beautiful cinematic experience. What a beautiful world they had created, I felt. I kept thinking that how out-of-the-world profound technology used in cinema has become. The 3D effects and amazing action sequences made me feel as if I was in another world.

Later, once this year I tried to watch Avengers on TV, and I felt it was nothing compared to the experience I had in the movie hall. I feel a great cinematic experience is possible only in a movie theatre. All substitutes are cheap substitutes. But obviously in many cases we are compelled to watch them at home, on TV, on laptops, tablets and so on. I feel they have their advantages too–for example–you may keep enjoying privacy of your solitude and you might thoroughly savor a mystery. You can pause films at any times you want to. You can research about a certain idea on internet–to either enhance the experience or to prepare for other things–like writing a story, script or movie-review. Many of these are not possible in a cinema-hall.

This is Recommendation!

Yesterday I watched The age of Ultron on my laptop and I must admit it blew me away. I can only imagine how profound the experience must have been for those who watched it in the theatre. It did screen here in our city and somebody mentioned about it but I missed it. Now watching it on DVD is nothing compared to watching it on big screen, still the experience was dumbfounding. I feel, with every new blockbuster Hollywood sets new benchmarks. It seems it will be impossible to match those standards in future but as soon as a new film is out–you find another new benchmark. This goes to so how rapidly technology is advancing. Also–how rapidly the investments made on films and revenues earned have been breaking records. The latter is quite conspicuous to most of movie buffs I feel.

It’s not just the mind-boggling action which amazes me about Avengers. I feel Fast and Furious series also has a lot of good action but I don’t like the concept least bit. In case of Avengers–story comes from beautiful Marvel comics series. Ultron is such a profound concept. These films give stretch to your imagination and are so beautiful in execution that you feel–they must be true in one of the universes out there.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film and I feel it’s hands-down the best action film I have ever seen in my life. I feel everyone who loves action flicks should give it a go. You will enjoy it!

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18 thoughts on “The Avengers: Age of Ultron!

  1. I love all things Marvel too! Although, the deeper we get into the Marvel Universe, the more I feel like I need to take notes! We watch Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter on TV and really love both those shows, too. They keep getting better as they progress, unlike some programs that run out of ideas after the first season.

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  2. I am a huge marvel fan both the comics and the movies. I usually watch all marvel movies first day and sometimes first show too! My son is a big fan too! πŸ˜€
    I watched the Age of Ultron, while the effects were good, it didn’t quite live up to the hype they built around it. I remember many fans were here were kind of disappointed at the lack of an unpredictable plot and even the action sequences which was not as good as it was in the first part! I’m waiting for the next part now to see if they can make up!
    But yes, these movies are a treat to watch!
    I recently watched a Hindi movie Bahubali and it had some good effects too….did you happen to watch it?

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    1. Hello Rashmi,

      No I have not watched Baahubali yet. Especially because my friends told me that it uses a cliffhanger so it is not complete in itself.

      Watching the first part of avenger was indeed a mind blowing experience.

      I am glad to know that you watch first day!

      This film was also excellent in my humble opinion although I can understand why it might not have lived upto the expectations of fans.

      Thanks for your wonderful feedback.

      Love and light ❀

      Anand πŸ™‚

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  3. I especially liked the epic climax fight! And also little humor here and there from Tony Stark. πŸ™‚ Some people say they prefer the first movie to this as it was fun, but I like the theme of Ultron much better!

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    1. Yes I agree. It’s much advanced as far as script goes. I feel the experience I had in theater with the first film was indeed epic but even this one was a great experience and I could only imagine how it would have been in a cinema hall!

      Yes, Stark(Downey Jr.) is always witty and I have loved Iron Man since I used to watch Fox Studio’s cartoons on TV in childhood–my favorite.

      Thanks for your wonderful feedback and discussion, Uday!

      Love and light ❀

      Anand πŸ™‚


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