From Page to Pen: Fuel your writer’s energy by reading

This article by Pam Krist is a wonderful piece of advice on the importance of reading to improve your writing. I feel we all are motivated to do something when we understand its importance fully. If you want to become a better writer or wonder why you should read more and including variety in your reading–please read this article and it will give you a wonderful feeling.

Pam Krist is a wonderful teacher, friend and blogger who helps selflessly. She serves in many communities including our Alumni forum. We are all proud have someone like her who is an inspiring teacher and selfless servant of mankind.

Love and light ❤

Anand 🙂

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I worked with a Literacy Volunteers organization early on, and we had a batch of training materials we used with new volunteer tutors.  I remember one document that had an ink drawing of a head.  An arrow going INTO the head was labelled ‘Listening’; a corresponding arrow leaving the head was labelled ‘Speaking’. That was the earliest definition of literacy–you had to be able to receive things aurally, and deliver things orally.

And, of course, we added two more arrows to define modern literacy:  reading is what we take in; writing is what we produce.

That image stuck with me.  It reminds me that writing requires a balance.

I believe that, to write effectively, you must also read.


The writer Kelly Corrigan (The Middle Place) has a wonderful TEDtalk called “More Reading.”  (  )  In it, she makes a very compelling argument about why we as a society…

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7 thoughts on “From Page to Pen: Fuel your writer’s energy by reading

    1. Indeed, we are all learning everyday and getting inspired and it is such a joy and an infinite process. Pam is a wonderful writer and teacher! Since you are busy I won’t ask you to frequent our Alumni forum, though that is a wonderful place.

      Loev and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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