A Free Style Limerick!

Actually it’s something free-style and I don’t know what. It’s upto you to decide!

I am taking part in Rashmi’s Limerick Poetry Challenge! It’s a well organized challenge with flexible rules. This week’s theme is Fall. Please check the link for more information about the rules. Here is my entry: 


It’s a free fall,

Into the abyss,

In search of bliss,

A divine kiss,

Never goes amiss,

Along the vine,

Lives a miss,

She often says ‘hiss,’

Goofy pental,

Seldom mental,

Harangue gentle,

Toadying bore,

Laughter galore,

This is all,

There is,

Dear pal,

For it’s

A free fall!


28 thoughts on “A Free Style Limerick!

  1. I liked the way you took up the different sense of the fall not the regular one that every one was using 😉 Now looking at your attempt I think I can also try my hand at it 🙂 I too had my queries regarding it 🙂 But reading your poetry my doubts are much cleared up 🙂 Thanks 🙂

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