Speak No Evil!

Based on The Daily Post’s prompt!

Wicked Witch

Write about evil: how you understand it (or don’t), what you think it means, or a way it’s manifested, either in the world at large or in your life.


Evil Is A Cousin Of Devil!

Evil is a close cousin of Devil. Who is Devil? It’s your lower mind or simply mind. When you judge things as good and bad, it’s bad. When you judge beauty and ugliness it’s ugliness. When you judge right and wrong it’s always wrong. Judgement is Devil. Devil is Evil.

Darkness In The World!

Evil is the darkness in the world. The world is not different from your mind. Actually when we talk about the world we think about the objective world, made of rocks, valleys, seas, woods and earth. But the truth is, we all inhabit subjective worlds. There is no way to experience objective world in your waking consciousness without dropping the mind altogether. Our worlds are colored by our perceptions which are colored by our thoughts, which are colored by our inner programing and so on.

When you talk about world you are talking about your private world to which nobody else has access. A sage lives in the reality. Sage has transcended mind and hence he is same as the primordial awareness. Rest of us constantly keep switching from one subjective reality to another and they are infinite in number.


Private Worlds and Automatons!

Until there is a world–a subjective world–there will be darkness. When there is no subjective world–only awareness remains. Awareness is another name of Light. Light is another name of God. God is another name of Love. Until there is darkness in various corners of your psyche there will be darkness out there in your world. When there is only light–shadows don’t form, evil doesn’t arise.

Whatever you do mechanically, be it something labelled as ‘good,’ like helping others or bad, like hurting others, it’s sleepwalking. If you are supposed to be good you will keep doing what conventions, society, religion and people around you hail as good, because you are not in touch with light. You are not aware. You are not receiving light. Since there is no bright light burning inside you from moment to moment, you will follow your holy scriptures and rituals and then instead of doing good you will do bad, to yourself and to others. Sometimes the intuition, your innermost core will yell at you and call out to you, saying “It’s wrong!” But you won’t listen, because light is not reaching you. Darkness has taken over you, the mental fog and hog of rituals keep flooding you every minute. You have no clarity whatsoever. So you bury that call deep and like an ostrich you hide your head inside the sand of rituals and holy scriptures and keep convincing yourself and those around you that you are doing right.


Everything Is Cause Of Everything!

In the name of good, in the name of religion, in the name of God, you fight myriads of wars and shed blood. You think you are fighting evil, but actually you are fighting your inner demons. You lack light and that is the only cause of conflict. You judge people based on so many things. If you start counting this post will be full with that stuff only. So leave it be. Judgement is Evil.

The world is a product of infinite causes. Similar to your mind. What you do is–to take a part separate from this infinite wonder and mystery, boast about your analytical superpowers and claim victory over nature and divine. You don’t know that your mind is too tiny to understand anything. You don’t realize for once and for all that everything is cause of everything else. You can put a semi-colon or a comma to separate boundaries of thoughts but there is no way, whatsoever to separate thoughts from one another. It’s for your convenience that you develop boundaries of ideas and similarly boundaries of causation, but cause and effect don’t apply to something which is beyond it. Everything has infinite causes and effects which means no-cause-and-effect. Which means the world and its counterpart God are uncaused.

Evil is dead. Reminds me of horror-trilogy Evil Dead. Lack of life is death. Only life exists. Existence is life. Non-existence is death. Dead is something which has ceased to exist. Past is death. Past doesn’t exist. Future is dead because it doesn’t exist either. You are now. Now is life. Life exists. Life is light. Light is reality. Evil is illusion. Suffering is illusion and evil causes the suffering. Love and light!


39 thoughts on “Speak No Evil!

  1. Great post Anand =)
    I live in a part of a world that is full of evil but in the same time there is kindness, love and courage
    Yes judging is evil, unfortunately everyday we judge others based on their color, ethnicity, looks, clothes, etc

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ANM7

    My friend, great job here, in this post. I know we believe, seemingly and thus objectively (even subjectively) through different mediums, but I have to say, you touched on many things which I teach and espouse. You also, this portion I can’t refrain from communicating, “Came out of your bag.”; a phrase we were using in the sixties. Great work, I’m so happy for you.


  3. I am afraid evil is real and can possess you if you become too involved in it and allow it to take over your life it can have you believe anything you do is 0k when it is not,and getting out of it once you are involved is very difficult.

    Liked by 2 people

        1. Duality is because of the mind. No, it will not end soon. Your world might end soon but until there is the devil(mind) there is evil!
          So, this makes your first comment sarcastic, huh? Not sure? Go read what you said 😛 Silly girl 😀

          Liked by 1 person

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