Breaking Bad!

Note: Might contain spoilers.

Finally I finished watching all the seasons. This is a very highly rated show, therefore I would avoid using superlatives. You already know that it’s an excellent show. Let me share some of my observations and feelings about this show.First and foremost I loved cinematography(though I don’t exactly know what that means!)

Prior to this show I had most loved camera work in No Country For Old Men. I found this show had similar camera work. I loved watching open vistas. Fields, open sky, clouds moving beautifully and dawn and dusk images were very exquisite in particular. I don’t remember the name of the camera person but I thank him wholeheartedly.

Second, I loved the writing. Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould and team have done amazing job. You hardly find such a nice piece of work. There were hardly any loop-holes or loose-ends. 

I think most of the actors did a tremendous job. I found Saul Goodman most entertaining, because of his witty repartees and gruff rejoinders. They made a rip-off on Saul but I didn’t watch it. He is a buffoon and his dialogues are best in my opinion. Gus Fring is most powerful nay even charismatic  villain in the series. When it comes to on-screen persona Gus is heavier than Walt in my opinion. Skyler is most annoying creature except for the season 5 where she becomes a ‘humble innocent baby’ and even suicidal depressed person. Jesse Pinkman is very effective when he is his natural self–especially in first three seasons–perhaps because of his swear words(the way he says ‘b*tch’!). I think Aaron Paul has acted so well that in certain scenes he outperforms Bryan Cranston.

Bryan Cranston’s performance is indeed par excellent and it had to be. Hank Schrader is a very intriguing character and Marie is second most funny character after Saul Goodman. Her kleptomania makes for some of the most good laughing moments. Mike was an exceptionally good character perhaps the most ethical out of them all. Walt’s son Flynn seemed a wee bit greedy to me.  

 I don’t really remember earlier seasons neither I think I found them too engaging. I clearly recall that show became most interesting for me when Gustavo Fring came into picture. There you find two geniuses facing each other and ultimately Walt outperforms. 

Breaking Bad is an amazing show because of its twists and turns. The protagonist never stops to surprise you and he is the one who breaks really bad. I think you start hating him by the end of season 4. I know that many of you sympathize with him till end but I think that he was  devil’s workshop from the very beginning. 

You clearly see that such persons gain nothing at all even if they are geniuses. Their arrogance makes them destructive to themselves and others. After spending so much of their time and energy in becoming drug mafia and killing so many innocent people they gain nothing at all. Walter could neither live with his family nor enjoy his drug kingdom. Moreover whomever he touched was destroyed. He sunk in a ship carrying his friends and families because he was digging a hole all along. There are a few reviews where people have remarked that Walt was a relatively good person when compared to most of the friends and family around him. They say that his wife and others were greedy and opportunistic. That might be true but that doesn’t justify Walt’s righteousness at all. Walt breaks bad because he liked it and he admitted it in the end before his wife and before Jesse as well. 

Cliffhangers in many episodes are very compelling and it became possible only because of meticulous pen of Vince Gilligan and company. The worst and most boring episode was Fly in my opinion. And excuse me, I did not find any hidden meanings in it. I can not pin-point to best episodes–there are many in the season 4 and 5 which qualify as bests. 

It’s a very interesting thing about this show that writers don’t let it lose its magic towards the end. It becomes difficult with most of the shows. I cannot help but compare it with Dexter and Kira. Dexter became a bit weak towards the end as if the team was in a hurry to end it. May be it was because they had to stretch show for too many years. In case of Breaking Bad they stopped with perfection. Death Note contains very few episodes but even then last few episodes were not that convincing. Still, out of these three shows I find Death Note as most intelligent and Dexter as least. 

Walter White the chemistry genius breaks really bad. You see a normal hesitating man metamorphosing into a cruel heinous criminal in a most dramatic manner. You shall be remembered Breaking Bad!

Note: I wrote this review an year ago.

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26 thoughts on “Breaking Bad!

  1. I too enjoyed this seriously immensely… it took me a long time to eventually check it out as I had a very large abhorrence to the subject matter. My husband persuaded me to get past that and have a look. I think it took me 2 episodes top become hooked! From then on it was binge watching until the end 😀
    I loved the cinematography and colour and I think the script was brilliant. The character development was incredible as it led you to like, laugh at, love and loathe all the same character at different stages. I think the most malevolent character was Gus for me, and then Bryan Cranston’s character. Have never seen anything like this before, it was so very out of this world in its style.
    But since then I have watched an equally good series on Netflix called Sense8. Cinematography is just sensational and I am hanging out for season two. It has a lot of Indian scenes too, which I loved. You should really check it out if you have Netflix, you won’t regret it



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    1. Dear Adrienne,

      “A very large abhorrence?” LOL 😀

      I wonder how that looks LOL

      Thanks for your wonderful review. I feel you can create a blog post out of it and it will be a nice read.

      Thanks for the recommendation of Sense8 I will keep that in mind. Have a beautiful weekend.

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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  2. Yeah, Skyler’s “annoying,” at times; but I think she’s an excellent foil to Walt.

    The DP for all but Season 1 in the show was Michael Slovis: yes, he’s a genius. (Compare episode 7 from season 1 with episode 1 from season 2: there’s a noticeable colour-saturation in the cinematography–something that becomes more pronounced when the scenes shift to Mexico.)

    Oh, you didnt’ like “Fly”? I thought it was one of the funnier episodes; and it seems like it’s saying something about contamination (which is a big concern in the show).

    (Oof. Got to let go of this show, but it’s hard!)

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    1. Yes, I agree Adam. It is hard to let-go!
      Yes, Skyler is annoying and that is what is appreciable about script and the actress. They do so good that you feel so pissed lol!

      Yes, I agree about the DP and I loved it when it shifted to Mexico. If you have seen “No Country For Old Men” you will observe similar scenes of open vista and they are so beautiful. I used to watch them again and again. Something exceptionally beautiful is there about them!

      I didn’t like fly because it seemed like a filler in an otherwise exciting chain so maybe it will work very well as a stand alone episode 🙂

      Thanks so much for such thoughtful response!

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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  3. If you love beautiful cinematography and a good story, try Longmire, it’s a Netflix original. There are 4 seasons and more to come! We absolutely loved this show!!! It’s set in Wyoming, near the border with the Cheyenne Reservation so there is a lot of interaction with Native American culture as well.

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    1. Thanks Sabah! Yes, though it has some violence and swear words, if you are fine with that you can watch it as it’s full of twists, drama and cliffhangers 🙂 🙂

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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  4. After seeing this show I have been a big fan of Aaron Paul. I ultimately loved him in the first four seasons.Especially those scenes where he talked about that woodwork he was doing, and when he broke down when his girlfriend died. I seen some of his works after this show but I still see him as Jesse.

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