The Red Room!


X: Who is need to control?

Z: The one who is fond of green going Galloway!

X: Is Sherlock Holmes same as Jack Nicholson?

Z: Have you completely lost it my friend?

Y: Who is this coming, Miss?

X: She is a sister of Bliss!

Z: Same as hers!

Y: Wearing furs!

Z: Memories and blurs!

Z: He is so fond of contests and strife.

X: Why?

Y: Where is the enlightened one?


X: Why does he get attracted by sadness?

Y: The Jet-lee!Such audacity, Honda-city, lol!

X: The one whose mascara was wiped in tears.

Z: Where has the neurotic psychopath disappeared?

X: Who was a victim of abuse?

Z: Are you running into circles, merry-go-rounds?

Y: What will you gain from a tramp?

Z: Whose gaze holds the secret of your darkest days?

X: This is Kill-Bill Volume-2!

Y: You know that don’t you?

X: What did they do then?

Z: You told it so often.


Y: Who is Emily Dickinson?

Z: Marilyn Monroe!

X: You said about tangible things.

Y: You waited so long for the mad hatter!

Z: Agatha Christie,

Murder, Misty!



Z: Who is insecure?

Y: What is the fragrance of the mystic rose?

X: Look your positivity stayed for a meager 4 days!

Z: Does sadness suit artists?

X: Or the need to do tangible things?


Y: Look how bitter and angry you are caught in your own game of hide-and-seek!

X: Is this about love?

Y: Is this about hate?

X: What is the need to obfuscate?

Z: You were saying about the energy going to attention? Now it’s going to your base center!

X: Abra-Ca-Dabra, peremptory tones at the Jantar-Mantar!

Z: Is it the clapping of one hand?

Y: Ain’t life a handsome mistress wearing a perfume of love!

X: Do you want to make it big!

Z: You think this is me reacting so you are winning another contest, huh?

X: I know it’s your love and insecurities which force you to do what you do. Bound by reactions you dance along the floor~~~~~~

Y: Did you forget Lao Tzu is a mirror?


Z: She has confessions to make.

Y: Why wisdom is sold so cheap?

X: Look whose entered into the red room!

Z: You need love but you confuse it with games, fames, names.

Y: You don’t know nothing about love!

Z: Isn’t it cyclic? 

X: Who is abusing the relation?

Z: Take care of your affairs now!

Y: Who is inside the cage?

X: Why this hot steaming rage?

Y: Where has gone the Sage!

Z: We are on same page.

Z: Fortnight after you differ!

Y: Look what genius has done to him!

Z: What is love?

Y: Is Autumn a love season?

X: Now take directions from her.

Y: It’s your own manipulation and games wreaking havoc on you!

X: Is there always a reason?

Z: Who fell in love with a surmise!

Y: You meant, Sunrise?


X: Will brooks give it to you!

Z: Why am I putting up with this hogwash?

Y: Now watch super-moon, because yours a goon!

Z: Another trance has taken over you.

X: What is hate?

Y: Yours has some sludge which needs to be cleansed!

X: Whose boasting about the lucidity?

Z: She saw complexes long ago!

Y: Is this the greatest game you have ever played?

X: You will count it as a success, because you wanted this, right?

Z: The reference was a self-criticism. 

Y: Who is showing that middle finger to whom?

Z: Bragging about the heart of a fool?


X: What is so difficult to understand and why this need to play hide and seek?

Z: Not everything you think is random and not everything random is creative and not everything creative is beautiful and not everything beautiful is blissful and not and whatnot!

Y: Putting up appearances takes so much of energy. Greatest truth are the simplest!

X: There is nothing random over the Sun.

Z: Who is deceiving whom?

Y: Common guys, let’s stop this blame game, alrighty?

Z: You are so fond of this, nay, you love this right?

Y: Please cure this illness!

X: Look whose manipulative, conceited, plastic-mind?

Z: This drool? Over an artwork? Ain’t worth it!

Y: She was trying to heal her beloved!

Z: All shades of scarlet fever?

X: I know you need to be loved. And I love you!

Z: Is Quentin happy now?

Y: So many languages you know! Impressed!

Z: This doesn’t make any sense!

X: Why this extended charade?

Y: Because your life is a bunch of exclamation marks!


Z: And the enlightened one took it as an attack on himself! 

Y: This flagrant rage!

Z: Should we tell him?

Y: Time is not ripe.

X: We see outside what we have inside, said Goethe!

Z: This is your doing.

X: It’s always about you isn’t it?

Y: Who is playing the games?

Z: Who is really desperate?

X: Is this the greatest game you have ever played?

Y: Who is Irene Adler?

Z: If you say so, your life amounts to some gaudy colors which strike eyes.

X: What a pity!

Z: You can’t exude positivity!

Y: This is a charade.

X: You need to eat some Hakka noodles pal !

Z: This is a festive season.


Y: What did ye say? The braggart is a fellow friend of Humphrey Bogart? That makes a lot of sense!

X: Life is not a conundrum. 

Y: All shades of blue, huh?

Z: It’s a bogus art!

X: No, it’s an artsy Fart!

Y: You have made it.

Z: Red room.


44 thoughts on “The Red Room!

  1. I love reading Red Room posts, they are the true definition of creative writing
    “Not everything you think is random and not everything random is creative and not everything creative is beautiful and not everything beautiful is blissful and not and whatnot!”<< Love this!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thanks for making me blush all over again! You are very kind! I would like to tell you that rooms keep changing. It’s not a ‘red’ room always. It was the ‘dark’ room and then a ‘roomless’ room and now ‘red’ room. I don’t plan on doing these but I enjoy doing. Thanks for all the wonderful feedback. Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂


    1. Hahaha LOL 😀
      You have consistently been examining rooms. I think you might be the only friend who saw all three, thoroughly and I feel you liked the previous one better than the rest of two.

      LOve and light ❤
      Anand 🙂


    1. Dear Zahra,

      Yesterday I was thinking about you and now you are here, the world is a small place afterall. It is nice to hear from you. I hope your writing and life have been good!

      Thanks for all your kindest words.

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Humbled to hear of I being a subject of people’s thoughts, assuming it to be a positive element. 🙂 Indeed, the world is a small place! And I’ve been occupied but well enough! Have been blogging as well, thanks! Hope you’re well! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. People’s? Whoose that? You meant my thoughts? Yes. Maybe you were recalling me and I was recalling you, telepathy? Glad you have been occupied well. I would visit your blog, though I didn’t get notifications for posts. Cheers 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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