It’s A Wonderful Life After All!


It’s  a wonderful life after all! 

Prayer changes my point of view;

Golden, rare, opportunity, where are you? 

Twigs crushed, table twisted, life begins,

It is sad that summer is over,


Images sprung out of my hands endlessly,

How can I keep this secret!

Breath of life, stench of death;

This is how it is, pal!


Empty suitcase, where do I begin?

Losing someone I never really had,

Love, sky, movies, mother, barbecue, wallflower;

Leaves fall, colors change, life evolves, 

Wait. Wait some more. Then submit!



Wet, they hung out the window;

Gradually, silence bloomed like a flower; 

Pacing but there is no escape,

May you be showered with happiness!


Her eyes had a charming twinkle!

With fanfare the waiting crowd arose,

In moonlight hope escapes the shadows,

Do clouds taste like cotton candy?

As tears rolled down her face… 

I stay up late to read!

She collected pretty corners of life,

One cold rainy starless wet night,

she endured his six hour monologue,

Few drops, cured, the thirst away;

A difference a day makes what?

We gently drifted into deep slumber!

I think not, she was freelance;

Quickening of days, relentless turning wheels,

Why air is so cold dry?

Trees in Autumn shed their tears;

Never had they felt so alone!



  1. This is a group poem created by 35 friends.
  2. Some of the friends belong to the Alumni Forum
  3. Thank you dear friends, you have made it a huge success!
  4. You are most welcome to participate in this event!
  5. You have to send a 6 word poem or story, without any theme.
  6. Please send your entries for this week to:
  8. All feedback, suggestions and ideas are most welcome!

32 thoughts on “It’s A Wonderful Life After All!

    1. Hahaha LOL 😀
      No, actually there is something magical and I assemble them based on the random number but I also feel surprised how much sense they make. I don’t know how it happens lol 😀

      LOve and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s an idea by Garth Meaney Author. A fellow friend. I volunteer to serve as an organizer and it’s a great pleasure indeed. Thanks for sharing that 🙂 I will look soon!


  1. I’m happy to see more people participating 😀
    It’s unbelievable that random lines can make sense each time!!
    I enjoyed reading each entry as behind each line there is a story to tell.
    Thank you for sharing ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your wonderful comment dear Nadine. I completely agree. I never expected it to turn out to be so beautiful.
      Please send your this week’s entry before you get busy 😛

      LOve and light ❤

      Anand 🙂


    1. Yes, I will visit to read your latest post Shiva. Thanks for dropping by and kind words. You can also participate, it’s simple and takes no time.

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂


  2. James Bellorini

    beautiful and i love the fact the text changes size and font – a real playfulness with words and i love the line: ‘She collected pretty corners of life’

    Liked by 1 person

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