Poetry Corner Invites!


Poetry Corner is a simple weekly event to celebrate spirit of creativity, harmony, group and mystery. We all contribute our bit to a poem with 6 words randomly, without any theme( we can change it)–everything about this event is flexible.

You have to send your 6 words via mail( why mail? To keep mystery and anonymity of contributions.)

Garth Meaney, who is a fellow blogger and a wonderful friend, suggested this idea on Alumni Forum and we have been organizing this event since last few weeks. It’s becoming bigger and better and more fun by every passing week!

I invite your contributions for this week’s poem. I have already received 30 entries. I suggest you to have a look at the current poem, to have an idea, please see:

Live Before You Are Too Afraid To Die!

There is no theme or constraint. I will give you a number once you send your entry and on Tuesday you can read this poem as it will be published here as well as on Alumni forum.

Please participate and help us make it bigger and better! Thank you!

My mail is thinkerv0@gmail.com


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