Love and Light ! Anand

It’s such a beautiful poem. My name is an excuse and it’s a hymn to almighty and all beauty. Thanks dear Nisthur. Love and light ❤

Anand 🙂


Love and Light ! Anand

Is my poem dedicated to

Vibrant Anand

Written in Hindi and translated into English .

You can reach to Vibrant Anand at

love and light ! Anand

Are 3 magical words, which are complete philosophy of life, if one have ability to understand them, has inspired me to write my second poem in a row on them.

प्रेम और प्रकाश || आनंद ||

तुम सलाम करोगे
तो मैं
आदाब कहुँगा

तुम नमस्ते बोलोगे
तो मैं राम राम कहुँगा

तुम गुड़ मॉर्निंग करोगे
तो मैं शेक हैंड करुँगा

“प्रकाश” की गोद में
“प्रेम” के बीज से
अमृत रस जो बरसेगा
मैं उसे जीवंत “आनंद” कहुँगा

निस्ठुर अनाड़ी

English version

Love and Light ! Anand

If you will wish me “Adaab”
I will revert you “Salam ”

If you will wish me “Namaste ”
I will pronounce “Ram Ram”

If you will wish me “Good Morning”

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15 thoughts on “Love and Light ! Anand

    1. Indeed. It made me feel overwhelmed. All glory and praise to the almighty! Thanks for your lovely comment. I hope you had a lovely weekend. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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