I Don’t Want To Fight!

I don’t want to fight!

When I looked for you,

In vain,

In a street, among images,

Strange faces,

On a train,

You eluded me,

Cried rivers for you,

You were not to be found,

On that tree, in the sky,

Neither low, nor high;

I stopped looking for you,

And you don’t leave my side;


I am in a heaven,

Because you reside,

Deep inside;

I see you,

Day and night,

We are one!

I can’t say,

Till death do us part,

There is no death for me,

Since you live in my heart!

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44 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Fight!

  1. आप को देख कर, देखता रह गया
    क्या कहूँ , क्या कहूँ ,कहने को क्या रह गया ?
    आप को देख कर देखता रह गया….!!

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  2. Hello Vibrant. Sometimes a few words, like you have written are enough to express giant thoughts. Lovely poem. I only do have a question (just because i want to appreciate the poem more) who or what wanted you to fight? Thanks.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words 🙂 I am feeling overwhelmed 🙂

      Ego—>Love—>Existence wanted me to fight. This is the way things are. Existence functions in a way that duality is created by ego which imagines itself to be separate from the totality, from the beloved, from God.

      Love and light ❤
      Anand 🙂


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