What Is The Meaning Of Life?


What is Life?

Life is generally considered to be the story woven by ego. You have a memory and ego acts as a connector for all memories from all experiences, giving an illusory sense of continuity where there is none. You connect all the dots without knowing it and a story is born and you call it life! Generally when we say life, we mean a story. A story, in which, you are the central figure and then there are events, people, friends, relatives, shocks, surprises, epiphanies, gains and losses.

In mystic sense, you are life. Everything is because you are. It may sound paradoxical but it’s the truth. If you move out of picture your universe vanishes too. Your universe is dependent on you, so you are life. If you are not so engrossed in the events outside you, you will get in touch with eternal fountain of life which is your quintessence.

God is Life! 

Life is not different from reality or essence. God is the ultimate reality residing in everything that exists in manifested or potential form. You are because God is and God is because you are. You are not different from God and God is not different from you in essence.

Love is Life!

All life is born out of love and moved by love. Your essence is love. Love and life are synonyms. Lack of love is lack of life and lack of life is lack of love. Your core is love so you need love. It’s not a luxury. It’s an indispensable need of human existence. Those who don’t get love and think they can do without it just by mental gymnastics, lose all touch with the fountain of life and like a tree whose roots have lost touch with the ground, they wither and become dry.

Light is Life!

Light is synonymous with life. Light is wisdom. Light is clarity. Light is love and love is light. If you are in touch with life, you are full of light and wisdom. The darkness can’t touch you and every movement of yours is in harmony and peace.


Bliss is Life!

Your core is made of bliss. Bliss is peace in action. You are love. Light. Bliss and life are synonyms. Your true nature is bliss. you can’t do anything which is really for pain. Everything you do is because you need pleasure. In case of psychological disorders, when dysfunction has set-in, you start feeling the need of torturing yourself or others, but it’s also misguided and sick urge to gain pleasure. Wisdom guides you to gain pleasure by right means.

Peace is Life!

Your innermost core never moves. It’s silence. It’s stillness. All life comes out of this void. This stillness. Peace is synonymous with life, love, light and harmony. They are all based on your frame of reference but same in essence. Peace is the final destination of all humanity and without peace, no movement can exist. Peace is the abode.

You Are Life!

You are the one who gives meaning to every now. If you are not there, there is no meaning and you are the life. Contrary to what you believe, all experiences are because you make them possible. Wake up!

What is Meaning?

Meaning is something our tiny minds create for our survival, entertainment and existence. Meaning is creation of mind which is creation of our previous experiences and seed programming in our psyche.

Meaning of Life?

What is the meaning of life?

I will ask another question.

Who asks this?

When is this question asked?

If you can truly answer those two questions, all your problems will disappear. Who asks this question? You. Who are you? In essence? Don’t use nouns like ‘soul’ or give your personal addresses. Just find out what is there which is constant. Which never changes. After all, that which changes can’t be reality. Find out what is permanent behind impermanence.


When is this question asked?

It’s asked when you are unhappy. When you are in shock. Suffering is the mother of all philosophers. Pain and sensitivity force you to think. If you are fortunate enough to get a touch of life and light, you become wiser and happier.

Is there a meaning of life?


Existence is random and meaningless. Or you might say existence is a supreme intelligence which is beyond comprehension of our minds. Our analytical minds take a small portion out of existence and dissect it. We attempt to draw a meaning out of it and impose our experiences and feelings and believe it is an objective truth.

Existence or life is a supreme intelligence and a most profound mystery for our tiny minds. But it’s also the simplest truth. Greatest truth are the simplest. Our everyday existence, our fact of being, is the simplest. You just are. No rocket science there! Life is!

What is the meaning of life then?

It’s what you want to create. If you accept yourself, love yourself and accept others too, you start creating meaning out of meaninglessness. If you serve others and try to make others happier, you feel happier. If you wipe tears of others and add value to their lives, your own life becomes full of blessings and boons. If you work only for your own happiness–existence will feel random and meaningless and life will be empty and sad, but if you work for the common good, your life will be full of abundance and bliss. Such is the law of nature and life. Life is one. Existence is one. Truth, unity, reality, love is one. What you give to the world you give to yourself. Simple isn’t it?


11 thoughts on “What Is The Meaning Of Life?

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes this is the most profound question and has no intellectual answer whatsoever. Thanks for your constant encouragement my friend 🙂 Much appreciated!

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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  1. Anand this is one of your finest writings. I loved how you pulled us through the reading laying a pathway for us to the final paragraph the fulfillment of thought. “What you give to the world you give to yourself.” Thank you for the start to a beautiful day for me. Hugs!

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