The Creative Blogger Award!

Velissima has considered me worthy of this award. We have many similarities. She takes delight in teaching and I also do. She is someone with a great faith in unity and goodness of mankind. She is a rootless person and so am I. I heartily thank her and recommend all of you to visit her site.

Award Rules

  1. Nominate a few bloggers and contact them with the amazing news.
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  3. Post five (5) facts about yourself.

5 Facts About Me!

  1. I was born on Friday the 13th. When I came to hear about Triskaidekaphobia I had mixed emotions.
  2. I have done some independent research in Vedic Astrology.
  3. I didn’t cry when I was born. My grandmother told me about it. They thought I was dead or something. Now I know it is quite normal, but usually crying is considered a sign that baby is healthy.
  4. I can sense multiple meanings from almost every Hindi song I hear.
  5. I could hold breath for 4.5 minutes in 2003. Now I can easily hold 2.5 minutes and more if required.

My Nominees Are…

Copyright: Becky B.

Mind and Life Matters:

Rashmi is very inspiring lady who is touching many hearts with her moving words everyday. She is a friend in need, a charitable person, a tech-savvy professional, an adorable mom, an inspirational writer and a blogger who always tries to help her community and enhances the quality of blogosphere by her presence.


As the name suggests. Shine has been spreading her positive vibrations in the blogosphere. She is a vibrant lady with immensely energetic presence. She is never short of positive compliments and support for her fellow bloggers.

Colette B

I have been fortunate to know this wonderful lady in the blogosphere. She is an original thinker and a very perceptive lady. I have had many interesting conversations with her. She is very sincere with her appreciation and encouragement for fellow bloggers.

Follow The Tumble Lees!

Debbie is a proud grandmother, a vagabond, a very learned writer and an amicable person. We have many similarities. She is a minimalist and always very encouraging towards her fellow bloggers. She has been all around the globe in many continents and knows a lot about various cultures.

Sweet Aroma

Oneta(called Neta with love!) is a proud grandmother. Her blog is indeed fragrant with sweet stories. I feel I can keep talking to her many hours on. She is very encouraging and supportive of her fellow bloggers.

Poem Hobby

Nishthur is exactly opposite of his name. Nishthur means callous. But this wonderful poet has a sensitive heart and he is very generous towards his friends. He wrote a poem for me which is one of the sweetest gestures anyone has ever done in my life. I can’t thank him enough. His blog has many delicate and sensitive poems on profoundly philosophical subjects with a very introspective tone. He has a heart of  a child.

Voyager of Freedom

Nadine is a versatile blogger who can write humor, poetry and philosophy with equal ease. Her originality and spirituality is appreciable. She is a sensitive soul who cares a lot for her friends and yet takes a firm stand for her beliefs. She loves mystery and occult.

Garth Meany Author

A published author, Garth is a wonderful blogging buddy. I feel he is one of the most sensible persons I have ever come across. His sense of humor is impeccable and he is a master of all things ancient and mysterious. He is very creative and a generous soul.

Hidden Delights of The Algarve

I had the good fortune of coming across Becky during Blogging University Blogging 101 course in August. She is a very friendly blogger and a generous soul. Her pictures are breathtaking and she is very knowledgeable. Every time I visit her blog I learn something new!

Catching My Drift

Pam is an inspiring author, a creative teacher, an adorable friend and a genteel lady. She has contributed a lot, very selflessly, for the betterment of blogging community. She is always very open to suggestions and caring with her advice. We all look forward to her for learning on creative writing.

 Meg Sorick-Writes Better Than She dresses 

Within the very first few days I told Meg that I had a feeling we were going to be friends for a long time. She is a published author and a very generous soul. She contributes generously to community and it’s always a pleasure to interact with her.

Image Courtesy: Becky B


24 thoughts on “The Creative Blogger Award!

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  3. Hi Anand,
    Congratulations on the award that you truly deserve!
    And thank you yet again for another nomination! I am humbled by the description you have given for each one of your nominees.
    I have a few pending posts on awards which I will definitely do in the coming days 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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