The Roomless Room!

X: Whoose the preacher?

Y: Is he going into a trance?

Z: A watched pot never boils!

X: Oh my God! Here you are! 

Y: Why is he wearing a mask?

Z: The law is coming!

X: Where is that light coming from?

X: Who is that deluded?

Z: Was it in the campus? 

Y: Who is hurt?


X: The phone has rang.

Y: Is he really spineless?

Z: Whois stained?

Z: Sigh?

Y: Oh, my my!

X: Is there anything random? What you call random is so heavily guided by the subconscious!

Z: Countdown has begun!

X: Autumn is in the air!

Z: Your granny, wants my penny!

Y: He is confused.

X: Greatest truth are the simplest!

Z: No, all art is neurosis!

Z: Who is an attention seeker?

X: More answers than questions! 

Z: There is no clue.

X: I never thought even in my wildest dreams!

Y: Heart strings beat  more!

Z: She lives on an airport!

X: Is it a feline gossip?

Y: Something is fishy.

X: You are a lair and a pretentious!

Y: You meant liar and pretender?

Z: Mind games galore!

X: His dog died last year.

Y: Seek nomore, ask nomore, tell nomore!


Z: His wife is a fake!

Y: Or pattern?

Z: All shades of purple and blue?

X: Your husband is a lake!

Z: Hypocrite, dolomite, broken-kite.

Y: My rhymes are a cake!

Z: As a pier in a fire burns itself.

X: Confused rabbits are taken for geniuses!

Y: Isn’t it all out of love, by love, for love, in love, inside love, luv love?

Z: Stop this nonsense now, preacher is heading this way!

X: Is it an apocalyptic vision?

Z: Ask and they shall be given?

X: Haggardly, niggardly, cowardly?


Z: Answers are always there in the plain sight.

Y: Whatsoever!

X: Scurrilous or sacrilegious or religious?

Y: That has been barren since beginning.

X: Fish is catching itself.

Y: Your teeny-weeny mind can’t understand me!

X: Her cat took a nap and now gone on a trip to his backyard with some marigolds adorned beautifully in her hair!

Z: Such big ego she has?

Y: Bemoaning, reckoning, ailing and wailing.

X: All art is neurosis, didn’t I say?

Z: Now, have a taste of your doggerel. Go to a silly sleep!

X: Preacher is playing the game because it’s healthy and lame!


Y: No, he is the brightest and enraged!

X: It’s a lullaby of love and gives you a divine slumber

Z: Cat got your tongue?

Y: Has he taken his peremptory tone down the memory lane?

Z: This is a senseless narrative, a bloody hell; disgusting charade!

X: Who has seen the wind? Neither I nor you, but the leaves are rumbling, the wind is passing through!

Z: You so love contest don’t you?

Y: The one who doesn’t have enough of it!

X: What is mother doing?

Z: You are a fault-finding ungrateful son-of-a-shrew!

Y: Matching numbers, hither, yon and thither.


X: Not all art is neurosis!

Y: Annihilating you? If you say so, I saw him wagging his tail like a dog last week.

X: Why do you say such harsh-things?

Z: Why are they so lazy?

X: Should we tell them now?

Y: The one who was threatening with the rules!

Z: The child is unjaded as ever.

X: Why is he cut-off from all life?


Z: Communication is autumn, miss is winter!

Y: Being barren is not solely about him!

Z: The time has come!

X: It’s not a discrete event. It’s a collective consciousness and you are suffering for others as they are suffering for you.

Z: Come back to your senses buddy, leave this trance; this gibberish is making me shudder! Look at my udder!

Y: Look who is the philosopher now!

X: Didn’t I tell you that this street goes nowhere?

Y: Who attacked on your psychological pieces?


Z: Because it is always about you and so frustrating because you are so full of your humongous self.

X: It’s her shite, his frozen mite, broken bite and a lot of gibberish.

Y: All art is neurosis. It’s a lost highway! A mulholland drive!

Z: What about the silence creating harmony creating nonsense creating silence again?

X: Now she is here!

Z: This is not profundity, this is lollygagging!

Y: Where has he been? 

X: Monkeys are not making any sense whatsoever!

Y: Ok, keep chasing the butterflies and you will end up creating a butterfly effect.

X: Onomatopoeia!


Z: Do you even understand what that is? You ignorant, arrogant, neurotic, blatant, non-chalant, triumphant-in-soot, good-for-nothing dwarf?

X: The void comes from the mother.

Z: Higgs-boson-and-hubbason?

Y: This is the bigger rubbish than she had anticipated. Jack Nicholson is unhappy!

Z: Ok, call Bruce-Lee then? Harvey Dent?

X: Threatening is tamasic ego. It gives birth to the void.


Z: Let peas be upon you, all hell-breaking lose in a fuse with torrential tomato rains with fishy kippers!

Y: Where has love gone?

What’ Smore,

in the repertore?

X: What do you expect me lord?

Y: You are such a nuisance!

Z: The logos are embedded in the Logos. 

X: Let it go.

X: Fire creates water, did you know?

Z: Her IQ is 250!

Y: Your balderdash is your eternally jingoistic, bombastic rubbish of keeping up with worn-out souls which have lost all touch with life!

X: He is crossing all the limits now.

Z: She has the skeleton key!

X: In the land of poughkeepsies.

Y: Who has entered inside and seen all the wounds?

Z: Doldrums

X: Buddy, buddy! Preacher is coming without brain, and he’s a girl, let’s run away!

Z: You are such a nonsense bastard and you claim of enlightenment! You are the darkest, creepiest and most allergic creature in God’s Green Earth!

14-11-14 - 1

Y: The Preacher?

X: You think so?

Y: What are you doing in the Oz?

X: Rumpeltstiltskin walking hand in hand,

With a magic wand,

Humpty Dumpty,

Hewy Dewy,

Morgan Freeman!


Y: Your gibberish is picking on my nerves.

X: Go out of this room. I say, primordial created the Mother.

Z: Love was created by Mother to create Mega!

Y: Now I need an aspirin! Anybody?

X: It will come to an end soon.


Z: Upheaval, uprising, mutiny. 

X: What is love?

Z: Evanescent 

Y: Is it self-seeking?

X: Is she healthy?

Y: Dabber and Jabber, brothers in the tatters, once upon a time, they drank soda-lime!

Z: Who’s that artist?

X: Where is that hot-shot?

Y: Take this glass of water and inhale your ego!

Z: He was in the dreams. Imagination is such amusing muse!

X: Did you know water created earth!

Z: You are a show-piece and a crybaby, you know that, don’t you?

Y: Oh my God you are so full of shit?


Z: Nobody expected this from him. Why is he running after mirages? Why is she trying to grab that picture? Who is pulling her with hairs in hand?

X: This is a dream!

Y: Wake up mother!

Z: You always want a conclusion, don’t you?

Y: Breathe-in, breathe-out!

Don’t shout!

X: Who has seen the wind!

Y: You must be something.

X: See you are fatigued. You thought you had transmuted the pain?

Z: You are the seventh horse of the Sun!

X: It’s always about you. right?


25 thoughts on “The Roomless Room!

  1. These post seems you are rapidly shooting up a fire, makes anyone’s head spin but at the same time enjoy. I guess some of the words reminds people of things they usually say with friends close to them. I love reading them as it is fresh and different. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for such wonderful feedback, Shine. I feel you are appreciating my effort to encourage me. I hope this is the effect on readers. I am glad, really.

      I wish you very best.
      Love and light ❤
      Anand 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Z: Stop this nonsense now, preacher is heading this way! HUH? You don’t understand, neither did I! You do get points, however, for making me think. Like in, “what’s the key to this story?” I tried colors together, Letters, ZYX etc together. Pictures together. Looking for rhymes – I’m seem to be the only one out. Open to some teaching. Will this genre be covered in Writing 6303? Gorgeous pictures.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hello Neta 🙂
      I didn’t think anybody would try those things, but had an inkling someone might. Thanks for the kind words 🙂
      LOL 😀 Writing 6303 lol

      I am feeling so grateful for your kind words.
      LOve and light ❤
      Anand 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Very much enjoyed your ramble here Anand. Your intentional ‘errors’ didn’t bother me at all and add to the sounds and the rhythm. It’s very poetic and seems very rapid, quick-fire writing, though I could be wrong. Seems almost trance like state too. Maybe you missed sleep, it has wondrous effects on writing! i read one of these type of posts here a week or two ago but it didn’t appeal to me at all, though i think it was possibly my mood at the time rather than your writing and I couldn’t concentrate to read that previous one. This one flowed easily although it has many twists and turns it leaps and dances. Fantastic, even if mostly nonsensical to the reader 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Dear Colette 🙂
      I feel elated just by reading your words. Though you would say you are stating the obvious. Our words have magical power and you are one of those writers who can create this fantastical effect just by using a few words. 🙂

      Maybe I was missing some sleep. I am not sure. I just played natural self. I am so glad to hear that it felt good to read it. This is something which is also close to my heart. I did write another such piece a few days ago. I feel that might not have appealed you much. I am glad this one did. I really appreciate your visit, reading, support and feedback a lot.

      Hope you are having a nice weekend.
      Love and light ❤
      Anand 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Dear Anand, thank you for reply and your kind compliment 🙂 I think perhaps this one seemed more playful and free and more immediate perhaps. I very much enjoyed it and also the effects of the colours you chose 🙂 Delightful 🙂 I am having an ok weekend thank you and hope yours is good too. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Yes, I feel you make some very pertinent points. The previous one was a “dark room” so it had a bit dark theme and pictures and this one is a roomless room and hence the difference. I wish you love and peace 🙂
          Anand 🙂

          Liked by 2 people

  4. I tried to find out if all these dialogues made sense, but I couldn’t understand it. Is it complex or my mind could not process out all the words?
    I have found a few errors, though. I will list them here:
    1. In the first line, I think you meant Who’s instead of “Whoose”
    2. X should have said: The phone has rung.
    3. “nomore”: the “no” and “more” need spacing.
    4. The correct spelling of “pier” would be “pyre”.

    And I felt this random, non-sense conversation is within the mind of a person, though I would want to know from you.
    Cheers 🙂


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello Sandeept,

      There are many characters. I won’t tell how many. It’s obviously inside my head but I don’t mean to say that lol 😛

      All the errors you outline are intentional. I was aware of them all. They serve a purpose in the context of this story. I feel I should leave them intact.

      For example–X might be a person who has a poor grammar!

      I don’t want you to feel that your feedback is not welcome. I sincerely thank you for thorough reading and pointing them out to me. The type of impact this story makes on a person is dependent on the person, mostly.

      It’s inspired by some non-linear mystery narratives and a few other things. The purpose is definitely not to discourage the reader–though, I need to write something like this, once in a while.

      Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Thanks for being so keen with the feedback. 🙂 🙂

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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