Tao Te Ching 9

Holding a cup and overfilling it
Cannot be as good as stopping short
Pounding a blade and sharpening it
Cannot be kept for long

Gold and jade fill up the room
No one is able to protect them
Wealth and position bring arrogance
And leave disasters upon oneself

When achievement is completed, fame is attained
Withdraw oneself
This is the Tao of Heaven


20 thoughts on “Withdraw!

    1. Thanks for your kindest and sweetest remarks Hasmeet 🙂

      Though, this verse is from the book Tao Te Ching which was written by Lao Tzu some 3000 years ago. I am glad you find these useful. Thanks for your best wishes 🙂

      Happy Weekend 🙂

      LOve and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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