When I Am Not Writing Or Reading!

What do you do when you’re not writing? How do you reset and return to this dashboard, refreshed? What do you need in your day-to-day life to maintain balance: Running? Yoga? Gardening? Painting? Cooking?

Rhythmic Breathing


Breath is the rhythm of the life. It connects your subconscious and conscious by acting as a bridge. If you observe you find that your breathing follows certain patterns, which vary as your experiences and emotional states vary. You hold your breath when surprised and also when you want to lift something heavy. Breathing is also related to your attention span. When you are angry or excited your breath becomes rapid. When you are calm breathing is calm too. By altering your breathing patterns you can easily and effectively alter your emotional states for good.

Eastern mystics and yogis realized importance of breathing many millenniums ago and made breathing practices part of everyday life. In Yoga, they are known as Pranayama. Prana stands for Life Force and Ayama stands for the Expansion. Rhythmic breathing is a type of Pranayama which uses some type of counting or mantra to help your breath fall into a natural rhythm. This releases toxins from the body and also helps cathartic purging out of subconscious emotions, thus fostering the healing and increasing positivity.

Meditation With Binaural Beats


Binaural beats are sounds similar to subtle natural sounds like thunder, rivers, rainfall and ocean waves. They are very effective and they lead you towards harmony very soon. Even most advanced meditators admit that binaural beats are great discoveries of modern science. These help you reach, Alpha, Beta, Theta or Delta states within a matter of some seconds.

Teaching Kids and My Grandmother


My grandmother was illiterate village woman. She never went to school. She is a sweet lady and she wants to read religious scriptures. Though she is busy most of the times, I try to teach her reading, a bit every now and then when she is free. She becomes very happy as she recognizes words and letters.

Sometimes some young lads come to take help on their assignments. Some of them are facing emotional or spiritual crisis and I try to listen to them attentively. I try to offer them some help and guidance to make their life situation better.

Astrology  Counselling


Sometimes people come with their problems to take counsel on matters related to marriage, career and life. I have been doing some research in Astrology for about a decade now and take a great interest in observing new patterns and learning by reading new horoscopes. I guide people by suggesting remedies for negative Karma and also recommend them meditation and breathing for most of the cases.

Surrender Meditation


Surrendering to life force as it works on your body and mind. You observe and follow the movements of energy. This helps release the energy trapped in the emotions and you feel rejuvenated and relieved. This also boosts the vibration frequency of your immune system.

Watching Films and TV Shows


I am connoisseur of mystery, thrillers, sci-fi and romance. I love Mystery in particular the most. I try to find good mystery films and watch them. I also like some sitcoms which have good humor.


I take frequent showers with cold water. I need to take at least 2-3 showers every day even in winters. It has been so since last few years. I like the touch of the water and many creative ideas come when I am taking bath.

Note: This post is in response to the Blogging University’s Writing 101 assignment.


75 thoughts on “When I Am Not Writing Or Reading!

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    1. Oh, I am having all signs of Satori/Samadhi/Nirvana/Trance. How do I appreciate you enough in words? Let me come to this mortal plane again? Thank you so much for all the kind words. Love and light ❤
      Anand 🙂

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          1. Hi Anand, that’s my old site from 2013-to earlier this year. I’ve not put much that is new on it. My new site is this one:

            Here is today’s post:

            This one is from the cup of coffee prompt:

            Hope you’re well. You seem to be a fine, dedicated and serious young man – I hope you have some fun and goof off, as well.


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            1. Thanks for your kind words Vijaya. May I request you to update this new site in your Gravatar profile?

              When you comment on some blog–they right click on the name and reach to the old blog. I am sure it is causing you many blocks in free interactions.

              Please let me know if you need help on this 🙂

              Anand 🙂

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              1. It was already updated a while back — if you scroll down on my Gravatar Profile Page, you’ll see StrangeLander2015 (which is my current blog — magicsurrealist one) AND the old blog. I keep the old blog alive, because there are a few people who still have access to it.
                It depends on what you’re using. Are you using a Mac or some sort of SmartPhone?
                Other people were able to access it, but I have no doubt that some have the difficulty you mentioned.
                Thank you so much for your concern. I’ll think about what I should do about the old blog.

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                1. I am using a laptop and a google chrome browser 🙂


                  This site I get when I get your comments notification. It’s fine if it’s a problem only for me–I can manage by bookmarking your site.

                  Best Wishes,
                  Anand 🙂

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  2. Very nice post, Anand! This reminded me that I am yet to try the breathing exercises after the last time. Every time I think of trying it, I am afraid Iwill hyperventilate. Tonight I am going to muster up the courage and do it for sure! I will email you the outcome!
    Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

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    1. Good Morning Meg 🙂
      Thanks for your thoughtful response. I am very glad you have started practicing deep breathing. Breathing is one of the easiest ways to relax and be harmonious.

      I am going to read the interview on your blog soon.

      Have a lovely day and a wonderful week ahead.

      LOve, light and peace ❤

      Anand 🙂

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  3. You are a very interesting personality I must say! The part where you said that you teach your grandmother and all, I loved it. I am like that only. I love to teach. Though my grandma doesn’t like to read, I love to teach underprivileged kids an I think that education is an asset and they must get it. Your enthusiasm about meditation is familiar now, but the astrology part was a shocker! You are very interesting!


    1. Thanks for your kind words TJ 🙂
      You can easily read about them on Web 🙂

      I am sharing a sample here:

      This is a delta frequency range–useful for deep relaxation/sleeping.

      Other ranges like Alpha, Beta and Theta are employed for different purposes. Many free samples are available for all ranges and you can even create one if you want. For Isochronic beats you need no headphones; but for Binaural beats you do, because they work on the principle of frequency–two different beats create a new frequency in our head.

      Thanks for your interest and please let me know if I can help you further with this or meditation in any way 🙂

      Have a lovely week ahead.

      LOve and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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