A Letter To A Friend!

Dear  Friend,

I want to share with you a few pearls of wisdom.


Accept life. Work to change what you can and accept wholeheartedly what you can’t.  When you accept, the energy which was being wasted into complaining starts working for the change. Acceptance allows you to be fully in the moment. Life is a great intelligence, so have faith and everything will work out in the end.

Be Kind

Be generous and kind. Life is a sojourn. We meet people, make friends and then disappear into the oblivion. Being kind makes this sojourn heavenly. Be kind to those who are kind; be kind to those who are not kind. Trust those who trust, also trust those who don’t trust. This way you will always be harmonious.

Ambitions Are Mirages!

Running after ambitions will never land you into Happiness. You might not realize this but you are running after happiness in one form or another. You have realized this many times before. I am just giving you a reminder. They are mirages.You see that you don’t really become happy when you get what you want. This is an endless cycle. Everybody is running in the same circle. Move out of the circle at once and see what I see!

Give Back and Be Grateful

Give back to others as much as you can. Your life is the result of hard work of countless people who have lived before and are living now. Give whatever you can, earnestly and you will feel better. Your heart will expand. Don’t boast about giving, be humble and patient. Helping others and expecting nothing in return is the way to harmony and serenity. A heart full of gratitude is a heart full of love.

Meditate and Pray

Make silence your best friend for a few minutes everyday. Look at your life, mind and soul. Who are you really? What are you running after? Why? Who am I? is the only question worth being answered. This question kills the questioner.

Pray with an open heart for your friends, family and the world at large. When you think about the welfare of others you get rid of self-doubt and paranoia. The life is a vast, gigantic unity and you are that. You are playing this game with yourself, temporarily, suffering in your dream. Whatever you give, you give to yourself. Therefore prayers, love and kindness which you give out is for your own good.


Truth has the power of one million suns. Truth shines forth sooner or later. Make truth your best friend. If you are truthful, your heart is pure and unjaded like a child. If you are truthful you need not remember what you spoke yesterday. Truth liberates you and you become truth.


Life is simple. Your needs are mostly easy to meet when you live in acceptance. It’s your wants which make life a constant uphill struggle for you. Desires, by their very definition can’t be satiated. Don’t follow the neighbors who are running after mirages in their sleep; follow the light. Desires are like wildfire which keeps increasing as it’s fed. Still, you can’t just give desires up, unless you observe their vicious nature and repetitive patterns which bind you. If you witness your thoughts, speech and action you soon get liberated of unnecessary and extra baggage.

I hope you will find these helpful in your walk of life. Do write me back and we can have a wonderful discussion about these or about anything you want.

Love and light,



101 thoughts on “A Letter To A Friend!

  1. What an uplifting post! Some things we all need to work on, for sure. I love the part about trust. I’ve always thought that I’d rather get hurt giving someone the benefit of the doubt, than assume the worst and miss a chance to help someone out. The joy is in the act itself, not the result.

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    1. Thanks for being so kind, time and again, Debbie 🙂
      In essence all religions teach same things. I don’t observe strict rituals of any religions but feel harmonious with essence of all teachings.

      Love and light ❤
      Anand 🙂

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    1. Indeed my friend indeed. Our realization gains much depth after every repetition and when it’s full we stop trying to accomplish anything altogether. There might be two ways of being active–out of fear or out of love. Former is passion/ambition, latter is love/compassion.

      Love and light ❤
      Anand 🙂

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  2. Beautiful letter and I can feel your personal happiness radiating from your words!

    You said, “Trust those who trust, also trust those who don’t trust.” but what about those who cannot be trusted anymore?

    Thanks for a beautiful message. Enjoyed reading it.

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    1. Hmmm Thanks for being so kind 🙂

      I will quote Rumi here :

      Come, come, whoever you are;
      Wanderer, worshipper, lover of living;
      Ours isn’t a caravan of despair;
      Even if you have broken your vow a thousand times;
      Come, yet again,
      Come ❤

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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  3. But never trust the untrustworthy. That’s what I feel. Your post is screaming out optimism to all the gloomy souls out there. Anand, your name itself is a huge blessing and you put a cherry on the cake with such lovely posts. Thank you for this 🙂

    Your friend 🙂

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    1. You are very kind Hasmeet 🙂

      Thanks for all the sweet words.

      I feel you might be right about your own life. Why sages suggest to trust all people equally?

      Because sages have nothing to lose. By trusting others unconditionally we allow them to transform. If people cheat you, they might feel happy about it, temporarily but ultimately when they become wise they have to repent and they transform into good human beings.

      If nobody trusts in untrustworthy people–they will never become good people. There has to be someone who showers love unconditionally. If you trust others they trust you too.

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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  5. Anand, I am almost tempted to be my insouciant, irreverent and teasing self… and write something vaguely flippant and cynical.. but I guess I would not 🙂 I am always humbled when I read such words from people who mean it. In your case I know it to be true and that you are a genuine person. Anyone else and this would have been a delightful massacre hahaha…

    In some ways you remind me of Deepu, my closest friend – who has dabbled in almost everything – Osho, JK, Zen. But he never utters a word, completely self-contained. Our friendship was always weird – he the silent, insightful and thoughtful and kind person and me the garrulous, eternal gadfly. It is almost the same in this case. I am glad I met you. (You even look alike, the two of you.. and probably exude the same calmness and tranquility). Gave up on career yet? 😀 Like Three Idiots etc? No, not being cynical… I did the same thing… not interested in the corporate life. Except, being out of the limelight did not make me any less inquisitive or studious or diligent. In fact, more and I learn all the while.. I hope to, at least..
    Good to read this, Anand. Thank you..

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    1. I would have loved all your banter too. Serious spirituality is no spirituality. I might look serious–but it’s mostly because I take the mind of people around me. I know you appear nonchalant but you are serious. It’s other way around with me. I have a heart of a fool. I, like you sometimes feel bad because of over-speech in my enthusiasm so I have to keep myself in check 😀

      Please feel free to comment as you like. I am not building a serious reputation here. I am open to any and all criticism . If it feels like hogwash–let me know and also let me know which points–I will try to tell why it’s not hogwash and if something is really hogwash and I have said it in zest I will try to live up to it. If something is not possible–I will edit it out from post.

      Unless we come across honest people like you, how will we learn?

      Deepu seems like an interesting person but if he is somber it seems. I was also like that–something is missing yet. I hope life will hit him hard and make him giggle LOL 😀

      I gave up career in 2012. I am much better off like you. I need bare minimum and my body and mind serve many people much effectively now.

      Being curious is good–though there are two dimensions and the inner one asks for dropping questions until only silence remains. 🙂

      I am glad you visited and discussed in detail. I always love detailed discussions. Please never hesitate to speak your heart out. 🙂

      Love and light ❤

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      1. Thanks, Anand…. Don’t look for approval from anyone. Just do the things you have always done. I cannot be wiser than you nor could anyone else 🙂 The best thing is to listen to everyone and then make up your own mind 🙂

        Yes, Deepu is a very interesting person. A poet, a writer, a painter and a lot of other things – but always stayed away from the limelight. And to hear your say that may life hit him hard, you will not believe how hard. But he is always cheerful and he is not somber at all, just well mannered and reserved. He has been an exemplary human being and I have never seen another like Deepu. My father used to express his disgust at times, that such good people have no right to exist and if they did, they had to suffer as he does. He is pretty much unbelievably good. And it often looks suspiciously like a sham at times, but he is truly like that. Today, he is in the worst imaginable state, but he never gives up. His own brothers betrayed him, his own parents turned out to be ungrateful and yet he goes back to them as if nothing ever happened.
        I am sorry to digress so much. But when you said, let life hit him hard, it made me sad. He deserved better than all of us combined. I am always sad for him and always frustrated. My father was exasperatingly right – people should not be that good.

        Anand, thanks for the reply and for being indulgent 🙂 Sometimes I get too hyper 🙂

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        1. Hahahah no problem 🙂
          I still feel life will giggle him soon 😉
          I didn’t mean he is not good. 🙂
          I only had the information you gave me about him. If you have to feel sorry for him–something is missing–as simple as that–it’s either your understanding or his state of being at present.

          I didn’t say I look for approval–but for listening attentively to what everyone has to say(like you said)

          Please let me know if I still have a misunderstanding about anything.

          Anand 🙂

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  7. Precisely, life is a sojourn, we all have our own ups and downs, despite that we should always be on the progress on moving forward and be grateful for what we have and don’t have. Very musing post you have, and a pleasant to read in the morning, well done Anand, Cheers to you 🙂

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