Blessed Are The Fools!

The Fool, The Child and The Sage!

Ignorance is bliss and blessed are the fools! A child is a fool. Blithe and joyous. A child is full of joy and love. He has a sense of awe and wonder for life. Life is a grand mystery, a great beauty and an unknown thing for him. As a child grows up, he starts losing this sense of awe and wonder and it starts becoming dull and boring. His curiosity and aliveness is lost, his innocence is lost and he becomes this adult who knows everything. Everything is boring now, nothing new is to be known. Is he really aware of everything?

No. The truth is, he knows next to nothing, but he is so attached to his mind’s content that he loses the touch with life. The child is connected to the fountain of life and blessed with joy and vivacity, but the adult has lost this touch, hence the boredom, frustration and Thanatos. The sage is again child-like because wisdom has connected him to life  again. The wise sage is not going to become an adult again because the wisdom has made him established and firm in Truth. Sage is the fool.


Tao Te Ching 20

Cease learning, no more worries
Respectful response and scornful response
How much is the difference?
Goodness and evil
How much do they differ?
What the people fear, I cannot be unafraid

So desolate! How limitless it is!
The people are excited
As if enjoying a great feast
As if climbing up to the terrace in spring
I alone am quiet and uninvolved
Like an infant not yet smiling
So weary, like having no place to return
The people all have surplus
While I alone seem lacking
I have the heart of a fool indeed – so ignorant!
Ordinary people are bright
I alone am muddled
Ordinary people are scrutinizing
I alone am obtuse
Such tranquility, like the ocean
Such high wind, as if without limits

The people all have goals
And I alone am stubborn and lowly
I alone am different from them
And value the nourishing mother

Don’t Take Stuff Too Seriously!

We all take life too seriously, living in our tiny cocoons, obsessed too much with our petty selves. The more self-centred you become, more paranoid, full of self-doubt you will be. Don’t kill the social meme in pursuit of your ambitions. Love one and all and your self-doubt and paranoia will be gone. You will have a heart of a fool!

Everything is cause of everything else. What we humans do is to take a tiny fragment of universe out of it and analyze it. We are all convinced that we have formulae for success and happiness. Nothing can be further from the truth. There are no formulae, because life is such a vast, gigantic and wonderful phenomenon that your tiny intelligence is nothing in comparison. There is an intelligence which knows the language of love and it’s in the hearts of your heart. You are not different from it, but mind-content and negativity makes you feel isolated from everyone and everything around you. Whereas the truth is the cosmos and existence is one undivided wave with infinite points in it. You are not alone. You never were!


103 thoughts on “Blessed Are The Fools!

    1. Indeed. I enjoyed reading it. I thank you heartily for your visit, reading and beautiful comment. I feel this is a temporary sojourn and we must realize how big and vast existence and almighty are! We should be humble and help each other as much as possible. Love and light ❤ Anand

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  1. I’m responding quite late here, Vibrant, but I really like the idea of finding childhood again in adulthood. Now that you mention it, you could say that Socrates is an endlessly curious child, and Nietzsche, too, though with a heavy dose of the trickster in him.

    Nice post.

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    1. Hello Adam!
      I am really glad you stopped by with beautiful remarks. Indeed, Socrates along with all other great mystics are child with the hearts of fool.

      It’s curious how you point that ‘trickster’ in Nietzsche. I have observed that but never seen anyone put it so beautifully to me before.

      Really a pleasure!

      Have a lovely weekend.
      Anand 🙂

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  2. I love your blogs Vibrant, and this one in particular because I had become one of those adults who forgot to see the magic in the world around me. It’s challenging breaking old habits, but not doing so has caused me many health issues. I know the way to health is to reignite my wonder in all things. Thanks for a great piece. I love your work. 🙂

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    1. Oh, thanks for your kind words my friend. I also suffered a good deal before I started coming back to nature. 🙂
      Thanks for your visit and thoughtful comment. I wish you very best.
      Love and light ❤


  3. This is one of my favourite blogs from you!!! Kudos Anand…you have given a slice of our own mind… well people take life a bit to serious and forget to enjoy the world like a child. Hopefully we writers still have that baby and the old man jostling in us…but many have forgotten to smile and enjoy the beautiful nuances of nature. Life is to be enjoyed in full and not to be savoured in bits!! Well written brother…long way to go Anand 🙂

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  4. gretahartmann

    I study the exact same concepts. We are to be like children! The one who “knows it all” is crippled with self-inflicted blindness- you cannot see what you are not looking to see and you can’t be filled if you are already full. Very good!

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      1. Greeks felt it was better to kill anyone with a disability. The deaf were especially considered a burden in Athens, where it was believed that anyone who would be a “burden to society” should be put to death. The city of Athens felt that ending the lives of those impaired was in the best interests of the state. This was because war and conflict occurred continuously and certain abilities were considered important to have. Everyone was meant to serve the state. Philosopher Aristotle along with Greek physician Galen concluded that the deaf could never speak, believing that the ability to speak and hear were linked; being derived from the same area in the brain. Galen, feeling that if one capability was impaired the other would be impaired also, was considered to be correct. Additionally Aristotle’s views, which were similarly related to Galen’s, were also viewed as accurate and this idea went unchallenged until the sixteenth century A.D.

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                1. ok, I think I know the problem. I am not showing up on the blog roll with my avatar. Do you have my username as mumbletymuse? or gradmama? I mean my # tag….it is because my site title is different. I had this same issue with other groups.

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  5. Loved the picture of the universe. I walk outside where I live and God tells me the same thing. Look at these mountains! Now look at how small you are!

    What we humans do is to take a tiny fragment of universe out of it and analyze it. We are all convinced that we have formulae for success and happiness. That is right. There is so much more to life than we can even begin to imagine… Lovely blog, Anand.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words Kalen 🙂
      If I say this is just Milky Way galaxy and there are billions upon billions such galaxies and infinite such universes, I hope you will not find me exacting.

      Thanks for your kind words.
      Much love ❤

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  6. We always say “ignorance is bliss” but on the other hand don’t make an effort to understand it fully. It’s always so important for everyone to ‘know-it-all’ but the final picture in your post showing us all as not even a dot in the cosmos can be related to how insignificant our pride of being learned is…
    It’s a beautiful and thoughtful post Anand… Enjoyed reading it! 🙂
    Stay blessed! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the kind words Deepika 🙂
      Indeed. If we can realize this, all our pride goes down the drain and utter humility takes over us. That picture merely shows the place of earth(a tiny invisible dot) in galaxy Milky Way. there are billions upon billions of such galaxies and infinite universes. 🙂

      It fills me with awe and wonder.

      Thanks again.

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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  7. It is indeed right that we adults think that we know it all when we know next to nothing! The curiosity of a child’s mind is replaced by that of a frustrated mind in an adult which, in reality takes him further and further away from knowledge!
    Love this post, Anand!

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    1. Good Morning Rashmi 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words. And I completely agree. You must have observed this curiosity first hand with your son. Children are so pure and innocent because they are connected to roots. We lose our touch with life as we grow up and that becomes the cause of our misery and despite all possessions and success we feel empty and dejected. Blessed are the fools and children!!

      Anand 🙂

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  8. As I read first line “Ignorance is bliss and blessed are the fools! A child is a fool”., the thoughts in my mind resonated and got connected with yours and I didn’t had to even read it any further. How beautiful it is to be awaken and known something which gives more peace of mind and spreads bliss in the heart. Thanks for writing, this made my day more vibrant.

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    1. Yes, I understand, though it doesn’t matter as we get the point how tiny our earthly existence actually is. There are billions of such galaxies and probably infinite such universes. Who am I then?

      Yes, we create formulae when we calculate and plan, they work for a while and then chaos takes over.

      Only those things which are directly in touch with truth survive:
      Peace, bliss, light and LOve ❤



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