The Dark Room!

X: Where is he?

Y: Why is she hiding?

Z: What are you talking about?

Y: Is it a clue?


X: We should tell her.

Z: Is it an awakening?

Y: It is rotten tomatoes.

X: Perhaps shocked by apathy.

Y: Bullies will go away.

Z: Why so much struggle?

Z: Boring is this game.

X: Her masks are holding her back.

Z: Shocks are tags in rags.

X: Is she soon going into oblivion?

Y: Magnetic circus!

Y: Is he ready to know glares?

Z: Divination?

X: About his dreams?


X: The touch is a solace.

Y: Is she an observer?

X: Bantering is her job.

Z: Panick is about shoes-strings?

X: Everybody except her know about it!

Y: Is he a crybaby?

Z: Soon.

X: It doesn’t make sense.


X: Was he looking at her?

Y: Yes, it was always about him.

Z: Is she fake?

X: About the chatterbox!

Z: Always!

Y: Should we fast forward to 3010?

Z: When there is no tariff on phones, playing games is good.

X: Why does he love depression?


Y: Patrons are running after the jobs!

X: Deep inside her heart guitars are playing full-on!

Y: Who is ribbon?

X: More questions than answers.

Z: Is it a riddle?

X: He has 1000 avatars!

Y: Is he really shy?

Z: Sigh shy?


X: Assessing her is impossible.

Y: Is she a transgender?

X: A dark mystery with 72 chapters.

Z: Books are poker-faced zombies.

Z: Is he in love?

X: She is a confused damsel.

Y: Where have they gone?


Z: It seems so.

X: It’s natural.

Y: Yes, he has to come out of vicious circle.

X: She always loved repetitions.

Z: Is it about Bruce Lee?

Y: He was looking at the balloon which was flying on azure skies.

X: And you were playing hide-and-seek.

X: Who is going to get fever on which day?

Y: Welcos to all amigos!

Z: Puzzles to puzzle you?

X: Look she is here.

Y: Yes, in a dark room.

Z: Why are they kidding with us?

X: Because he is chewing his own bones figuratively speaking.

Y: She is coming out of stupor now.


X: Was it a destined match?

Z: These are isolated thoughts.

Y: Shoes are bees in zoos and they have insomnia like feline gossips.

X: You are blowing his mind away!

Y: Answers are least of her priorities.

X: Has the countdown begun?

Y: It’s all gobbledygook.

Z: Is she Jack-nicholson?

X: Dreams are holes in a tree. They tie bees.

Z: What the hell are you talking about?

Y: Look, look she’s going to the dark-room again…

X: I thought the pool always existed in the dark room!


Z: Whose that coming?

X: A cat who lived 16 lives!

Z: What is really real?

X: As long as it lasts!


85 thoughts on “The Dark Room!

  1. Seems rather random and fun! It’s almost you took a bunch of unconnected phrases and tossed them in a blender. There’s no connecting thread, but it’s quite dizzying to read.
    My favorite line: “Shoes are bees in zoos and they have insomnia like feline gossips.”
    Nice images!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks Susan 🙂
      I love how you made your handle so intriguing and yet connected to your name. And it’s a huge compliment for me. I am humbled and honored.

      Thanks a lot.
      Anand 🙂


        1. Hahahahha LOL 😀

          Dear Neeraja,
          Some things are best left ‘open to interpretations.’ Some art forms don’t describe things clearly and there lies the beauty of them 🙂

          No need to try opening your intellectual parts lol 😛

          Anand 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Oh! Hahahaha LOL 😀
              By all means if you have time and patience 🙂

              But the Truth is: Whatever conclusion you come to–will be the right conclusion for you and same for other readers as it is open to interpretation. 🙂


              Liked by 1 person

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