Love Is Your Nature

Love is the core of our being and very natural to us. It’s lack of love which is the cause of concern and thought. We all crave for love in one form or another. We are made of love. Love is the force behind the creation, love is what keeps the world running. We all know what love is, it’s a feeling, even if you can’t express it eloquently, in your heart of hearts you know what it is. Love is the most sublime of emotions, though it’s not just an emotion.


There is nobody who hasn’t felt love. It’s true that some of us might have forgotten what it feels like to love or to be loved, still, everyone is born in love. A child who is full of awe and wonder for mystery of beautiful life is so full of love and joy. He lives in love, breathes in it, walks, talks and sleeps in love. Love is not something foreign to us, it has not to be cultivated. It’s our natural state of being. When you are natural you are in love.

Act Out of Fear or Out of Love!

Social pressure, ambitions and rut force benumb your senses. Survival seems difficult in a world which is constantly fighting for something or the other. Dysfunctions set-in and mind-activity is the mother of all dysfunctions. Over-thinking saps energy out of your organism and leaves it dry. Self-doubt, paranoia and myriads other disorders leave us so much in grip of fear that we unknowingly keep torturing ourselves and start feeling that love must be some fiction.


Whatever we do, we do it either out of love or out of fear. Fear contracts you, you feel suffocated and uncomfortable because it’s not your true nature. You may call it natural because limbic brain has developed survival mechanisms as our organisms evolved over time to adapt against the hostile forces of nature. Still, it’s not natural in the sense that you don’t really feel comfortable in such a state. I don’t think anybody wants to stay constantly on-guard. Yes, adventures and courageous deeds might give you rush of adrenaline and make you feel more alive than usual, still, we all want peace, bliss and love at the end of the day. In our heart of hearts we crave for love.

Love, Romantic and Unconditional!


Tags like unconditional, romantic or family love are merely fictions. The matter of fact is, there’s just one love. This takes myriads of forms as it mingles with various factors. A mother who loves her child thinks she loves her unconditionally. But that love is basically built on premise of their physical relation. Even if her child is dirty, ill, deformed or away from her, her love doesn’t diminish for him. But if another child comes to her, no matter how beautiful, clean and well-behaved he is, she will not feel the same emotions towards her.

Romantic love is most discussed form of love. Umpteen number of books, films and media address it everyday. Romantic love is something so inexplicable that it baffles even most clear thinkers. When chemicals start messing your brain and heart starts taking over head, you start wondering whatever happened to my intellect? Why am I behaving like a madman? Like a fool? 


Ecstasy Of Divine Love!

Romantic love helps you expand your heart and if you can feel it completely you become a candidate for tasting the divine nectar of universal unadulterated love. Universal love is so profound an alchemy that it’s beyond being expressed in words. Even when you are in romantic love, you feel everything around you is good. You seem always happy and time usually flies when you are in company of your beloved. You feel eternity in a moment and yet you want such moments to stay for eternity. But when overwhelming love for divine takes over you, you become a wreck, a true madman who keeps shedding tears always. You are always in search of divine and see him in every being around you. Everything feels wonderful and yet episodes of completely contentment follow episodes of utter frustration.

Love makes your heart expand so much that it encompasses everything around you and then entire universe. You had never felt so blissful. You never had such immense gratitude for life and people around you. A heart full of gratitude is a heart in love. In love you feel child-like and when you love you are loved. When love chooses you, because of your earnest longing, it makes you love. You become love and personality is lost. There is no personality anymore. Only love is. The duality is play of divine out of love. When you meet yourself, duality ceases to be and only love remains.

Love And Be Loved!

To love, you have to do just this–love. As Rumi says, let the strange pull of what you love lead you, it will not lead you astray. If you feel love is lacking in your life, start loving more. How do you practice writing? You start writing more; similarly, how do you practice loving? Start loving more. Count your blessings and love whoever comes to you. Whoever comes to you is divine, your own self, because reality is one. If you feel you are already in love with your family and friends–love them even more, wholeheartedly and your heart will expand. Don’t be miserly, as it will grow exponentially if you keep spreading it. The more you spend love more you will get in return, such is the law of nature. It’s so because the source of love is eternal fountain of being which never dries.


Image Courtesy: Wallpapers  Radhika


79 thoughts on “Love!

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    1. Thanks for your kind words Nena.
      Though, if you observe you used ‘heart in love’ whereas I might have used ‘heart full of love'(I might have to look that up) but there is a reason for that. 🙂

      Anand 🙂


  2. Hey fellow idler,
    Amazing post! so many shades of love and such pretty images! one particular part really caught my eye and refused to let go for a long time – “How do you practice writing? You start writing more; similarly, how do you practice loving? Start loving more.” Beautifully crafted!
    Happy Blogging! 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hey Deepika 🙂

      Thanks for such kind words and compliments 🙂
      I am humbled and honored. Greatest truth in life are simplest. We just distort them with our ego and intellect.

      I wish you very best in blogging and life.

      Anand 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  3. gretahartmann

    Anand, I love how you are able to break down the true meaning of love into so many levels and then bring it back to the simplest form: which is simply to love. Beautiful!
    Blessings and looking forward to reading more of your writing,

    Liked by 3 people

  4. There is just one love!!! what a noble thought… we search for versions of love… but there is one true love…good write up Anand… u are the paulo coelho of blogging community here. Such in depth philosophy is quite rare… keep writing…the world needs words like these!!!

    Liked by 4 people

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