Rashi: Moon Signs in Vedic Astrology!

Rashi, Nakshatra and Zodiac

The Zodiac space of 360 degrees has been divided into 12 equal parts and these parts are called Rashi. Rashi literally means quantity. Solar divisions are called Rashis and Lunar divisions are known as Nakshatras.

 Since you divide a complete 360 degree Zodiac into 12 equal parts, every sign has 30 degrees. These signs are further divided into 9 equals parts and each one of them is known as Navamsa(ninth division of Radix). If you divide 30 degrees into 9 equal parts, every part has 3 degrees 20 minutes. Each one of these parts is known as Amsa(portion). Every Nakshatra has four amsas or portions, which means every Nakshatra has about 13 degrees 20 minutes for it( 4*(3 degrees 20 minutes= 13 degrees 20 minutes)). In total Zodiac has 108 portions, since every zodiac sign has 9 equal portions and there are 12 signs in total. 

 That is why some Nakshatras have greater portions in one sign whereas others have a bit less. For example–Mula Nakshatra has first 13 degrees and 20 minutes portion of Sagittarius and Purvashadha has second 13 degrees 20 minutes, that is–from 13 degrees 20 minutes to 26 degrees 40 minutes, for it. The rest of the portion is for the third constellation Uttarashadha. This was to suggest that since a sign is divided into almost three Nakshatras, not each one of them receives equal share in a single sign.

The twelve signs are divided into four types of elements. Each type of element receives 3 signs in it. The elements are fire, earth, air and water

Why there’s no fifth element? 

Why sky is missing?

Elements: Creation and Apocalypse

Vedas have a very distinct story about creation and apocalypse. This story isn’t similar to that told by the modern Science. Vedas say that first of all Prakriti(Nature) comes into existence from Absolute(Bramh) . Mahatattva(absolute element) comes into existence from Nature. Mahatattva gives birth to three type of Ahankara–Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic. Sattvic Ahamkara gives birth to Devas(demigods) and Mind(Universal Mind). Rajasic Ahamkara gives birth to senses. Tamas Ahamkara gives birth to five elements. First of all Space comes into existence from Tamas Ahamkara. This Space is Zodiacal Space and this gives birth to other four elements, that is why the Rashis fall into four elemental types. Space gives birth to its property Sound. This primordial sound creates Air. Air has property of touch. This property creates the element Fire. Fire has property of Tejas. This property creates the element Water. Water has property of Rasa. This property creates the element Earth. Earth has all the properties of previous elements and it’s most complex amongst elements. It’s worthy of being noted that all elements coming later in the chain below have their own property as well as properties of all elements coming prior to them.

SPACE—-> Air—>Fire—>Water—>Earth

Note: Space has the quality(tanmatra) of sound.

General Nature of Elements

Air borne out of sound has quality of sound as well as an additional quality of touch. That’s air can carry sound as well as it can touch your skin.

[ Signs Gemini(Mithuna), Libra(Thula) and Aquarius(Kumbha) are airy signs. They’re subtlest of all elements; very difficult to catch. They lack emotions and empathy. Very intellectual and unpredictable. Their conversations could be very subtle and intellectual but lack practicality. They’re innovative and great communicators. His teachings were very new and unconventional. You find thousands upon thousands of lines of discourses in his lines with almost all of it being too absurd to understand. There is very little practicality in his teaching.] 

Fire borne out of Air has qualities of sound and touch as well as quality of being seen. It can burn. It can purify. It can inspire.

[ Aries(Mesha), Leo(Simha) and Sagittarius(Dhanu) are fiery signs. They’re also independent thinkers but more practical than airy signs and less practical than earth and water elements. They like to innovate and purify. They can inspire others but they lack emotions. They could also be unpredictable. ]

Water is borne out of Fire. It can be seen, touched, can create sound and it could be tasted as well. It’s grosser and more complex than former elements.

[ Watery signs are Cancer(Karka), Scorpio(Vrishchika) and Pisces(Meena). They’re very emotional. They’re sensitive and caring and they need emotional empathy which they cannot receive from Airy and Fiery signs. They are good parents and caretakers. They’re more practical than fiery and airy elements. They’re slow to change and they’re conventional. They mingle well with Earth signs. they’re very complex signs. Mahatma Gandhi was a Cancer Moon sign. He was sensitive and caring. He was conventional and practical.]

Earth is borne out of Water. Earth has most complex qualities. It can be heard. It can create sound. It can be tasted. It can be smelled. It can touched. It can be seen. 

[ Earth signs are most grounded and practical signs. They are hard-working, persistent and reliable. They are protector of homeland and orthodox religious values. They could be boring and stubborn at times. They have a good time with caring watery signs. They’re most practical and slow to change of all signs. ]

Now let’s discuss general characteristics of twelve signs

1. Mesha(Aries) 2. Vrishabha(Taurus) 3. Mithuna(Gemini) 4. Karka(Cancer) 5. Simha(Leo) 6. Kanya(Virgo) 7. Thula(Libra) 8. Vrishchika(Scorpio) 9. Dhanush(Sagittarius) 10. Makar(Capricorn) 11. Kumbha(Aquarius) 12. Meena(Pisces)

These signs are ruled by different planets. They’ve different energy which is unique and in sync with the planet which governs them. Though there are signs ruled by same planets with peculiar differences of their own. Different planets, when situated in the different signs feel differently. General rule is that the planet feels good in a sign which is its own, exaltation or friendly sign. In this article we’re going to focus on Moon signs. That’s, we’re going to study how Moon feels in various signs.

Moon represents mind. This makes a great part of native’s psychological disposition. Though to be more accurate you need to look at the nakshatra or lunar mansion as well. You need to study Moon in navamsa. You need to study influences on lord of Moon. You need to see aspects on Moon and you also need to study Moon’s nakshatra lord in order to delineate psychological disposition in a nativity.

1. Mesha(Aries) : 

It’s a fiery sign. It’s ruled by Mars. It’s also known as a barren sign, which means if it falls on the fifth cusp and it’s afflicted the native would not have any issues. Moon in the sign Aries suggests a native who needs to compete and wants to stay ahead of others. These persons initiate and try to drive their way towards success. They’re inspiring and energetic. They could be violent in physical sense if the chart has other affliction. In chart of Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler, you see the combination of Sun and Mars in the sign Aries. Sun gets exalted in Aries and Mars also feels good in its own sign. This is not a coincidence that two of the greatest military generals of last few centuries had this combination in their horoscopes. In case of Hitler, fiery element was too highly pronounced because of Mula Moon and a stellium of four planets in the sign Aries.  

Aries natives become parents who try to make their children compete and excel. Aries people need to lead otherwise they feel very bad. Aries is a sign where Sun feels very good because it’s office of Mars and contains a type of energy which is very suitable to Sun. Try comparing it with Mars’ other sign–Scorpio, which is a watery sign–it’s not a favorite of Sun or Mars, because it’s an emotional sign. Both Aries and Scorpio are considered violent signs because they contain aggressive energy of Mars, but Aries is violent at physical level whereas Scorpio is violent at emotional level. Aries people have a need to be first, to be a leader.

2. Vrishabha(Taurus) 

It’s an earth sign ruled by Venus. These people are most persistent. They don’t like many changes. They’re most sensual and they like luxury. They like good food, wines, music and creative arts. They are generally prosperous because of the matching energy which calls for abundance. They are protectors of homeland and orthodox values. They don’t like to innovate or inspire much. 

They have emotional need to feed their senses. If you find a Taurus person you need to provide them with good luxury and refined music, food and colors, otherwise they would run away to some other place. These people are very tenacious and persistent and they might be stubborn at times. They are very practical in their approach. Moon is exalted in sign of Venus. Venus is sweet pleasure. Mind feels good in comfortable pleasant surroundings. 

The constellation Rohini falls in sign Taurus. Rohini is Moon’s favorite adorable wife. Moon feels best in this constellation. This is office of Moon. It suggests a stable mind. Taurus natives have pleasant faces and voices in general. They’re fond of various pastimes.

3. Mithuna(Gemini) 

Gemini is an airy sign. This is ruled by Mercury. This sign is a sign of intellectuals. They’re apt for social gatherings and organizing. They’re excellent communicators. They’ve great aptitude for culinary arts. They’re good cooks. They could be good singers. They might be flirtatious at times. They might be chain smokers, which they should avoid because they could be prone to asthma and other breathing ailments.

They’re more intellectual than practical. They’re not very reliable. They aren’t very emotional. These people have an emotional need of communication, therefore, generally they’re considered as talkative. They’re creative, bright and fond of poetry.

Moon is friendly towards Mercury but Mercury considers Moon as its enemy. These people avoid physical confrontation and generally they’re very well liked in their communities because of their ability to persuade. They dislike following routines and doing household chores. 

3. Karka(Cancer)

The Cancer is Moon’s own house. Moon feels very good in this sign. Such natives are sensitive, calm and caring in nature. They become good parents. They care for their families, especially for their mothers. Their submissiveness might become a hinderance for realizing their own potential.

Cancer is a watery sign. These people are very practical. They are frugal and they acquire material properties. They might end up settling in foreign lands. Females might have difficulties getting issues. 

These people don’t like intellectual philosophizing but they might be good researchers. These people like water and water related activities. They understand emotions of others and care for others but sometimes too many emotions might delay their progress. Their presence is soothing for their friends and family members

4. Simha(Leo)

Leo is a fiery sign. It’s a sign ruled by Sun. Since Sun rules heart and life force energy, such natives receive uninhibited life force energy which is apparent from their talking and presence, which is often charismatic. 

Their emotional need is to gain attention. In positive sense they become leaders or actors, whereas in a negative sense they might start doing things which gain attention for negative reasons. Leo is also a sign of brightness and Genius. Such people might exhibit great originality and charisma in fine arts. 

These natives are very responsible, ambitious and proud. They might be bossy in certain cases. They like non-vegetarian food and like travelling hilly and forest terrains. They hold prominent positions and sometimes they might be selfish. Many geniuses have a lot of planets in sign Leo in their horoscopes. They’re independent thinkers and like to inspire others. They’re intuitive and dutiful.

6. Kanya(Virgo)

Kanya is an earthy sign. This is ruled by Mercury. Mercury considers Moon as his enemy. These people are witty and clever. They’re practical. They like to protect their cultural values. They can follow routines and they’re methodical in their approach towards work.

These people have good insights and they’re good conversationalist. Sometimes they might become too rigid to change and that might cause problems for them.

These people can give good counsel because of their ability to empathize with others but setting very high goals for themselves might sometimes make them depressed. They might get dietary ailments. 

7. Thula(Libra)

Libra is a sign ruled by Venus. Moon is neutral towards Venus but Moon is very near to its debilitation point in Thula, therefore these people might have difficulty in taking decisions in case of certain afflictions. These people have very refined natures. They have an urge to express themselves in artistic forms. They’ve great respect for learned and holy people.

Being an airy sign, they are intellectuals. They like discussing intellectual ideas but might be reluctant in applying them. They mingle well with people and they’re fond of company of opposite sex. The native might have many love affairs. They don’t try to hurt others feelings. They have a sense of justice in them and they might be popular public figures. They might have back pain and kidney issues. They like being in good surroundings and are well-off in their lives.

8. Vrischika(Scorpio)

This is a sign ruled by Mars. Mars is friendly towards Moon but it’s the deblitation sign of Moon. Moon doesn’t like sudden upheaval energy of Mars contained in this sign. These people are sensitive and they have magnetic energy. They are courageous and have leadership capabilities.

They are bold and sometimes too straightforward which might lead them towards trouble. They have difficulty relating with people. They soak negative vibes from environments. They must seek remedies like meditation and gems. 

They are prone to crimes of passion. They might have legal and marital conflicts. They’re clever and they can face enemies on their own. They’re practical and they don’t like too many changes. Their outlook might be orthodox.

9. Dhanu( Sagittarius)

Dhanu is a fiery sign owned by Jupiter. Jupiter is neutral to Moon. This is a good sign in general. The native is likes to take a stand for his belief. He likes to inspire and innovate. The native might posses a deep and inventive intellect. 

The native might be very argumentative at times and over speech might lead him into troubles. The native is optimistic and helpful to people of other sex. The native might be interested in Occult, Philosophy and Astrology. He might be good in fine arts. 

The emotional need of Sagittarius is to teach others the Truth and religion. The native might be wealthy and miser. 

10. Makara(Capricorn)  

Makara is ruled by Saturn. Saturn treats Moon as his enemy, therefore this sign is not a very favorable sign. Native might be very introvert and methodical and might seem selfish to others. Makara is an earth sign, therefore these people like to preserve family traditions. They’re tenacious and they might be ready to anything required to succeed.

These people are dependable and they have a group of long time friends. They have a need to be practical and result oriented. Their approach makes them great achievers.

These people don’t like much innovation. They don’t prefer much socializing or inspiring others. They might get into illicit relations.

11. Kumbha(Aquarius)

Kumbha is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is inimical towards Moon. This sign makes native who are introverts and aloof by nature. They don’t really connect with people but they’ve a need of socializing in market places.

Chandra in Kumbha is in 6th from itself, therefore mother’s health is always a concern for such people. They’ve great ideals and dreams which they want to achieve.

These people are intellectuals by nature but they don’t have practical approach to achieve their ideals. They’re reserve by nature. They often keep secrets even in close relations. They’re self-doubting and their negative thinking might make them very disturbed.

12. Meena(Pisces)

Meena is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is neutral to Moon, therefore this is a good sign in general. Meena natives are creative and good in fine arts. They might be good in music. They might be too submissive to opposite sex.

They are generally popular in society and they have an aptitude for mystical creative arts and poetry. They are sensitive might easily cry even in public.

They’re practical in nature but sometimes they might not finish what they start. They might need a lot of time to engage in their private dream world. They take good care of children and become good parents.  

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