Now I Write Like Arthur C. Clarke and Lovecraft Lingers!

Some of you might remember my post I Write Like Lovecraft. It was a lot of fun! I received many comments which were fun and many friends tried it out for their own samples. Some of them also shared their results with me. Today, as I was visiting Adrienne’s site Getting Your Lens On, I observed her badge I write like James Joyce. This made me interested to experiment again. I took 13 samples again from my latest blog posts( obviously excluding quotes from other sources like Tao Te Ching!)

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Results are neither shocking nor surprising; though it seems I am getting more creative(*chuckle*) My dear Isaac Asimov has gone out of picture and taken Poe, Vonnegut, Wodehouse and Ursula Guinn with him. Ah, I have already started missing them.

But, but, but, Sri Lankabhimanya Sir Arthur C. Clarke has joined me in and bestowed upon me a great honor. Did that long name make you tremble? He was a sci-fi writer, an inventor, futurist and a TV show host. His writings contributed to communication using geostationary satellites. Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 classic 2001: A Space Odyssey was based on Clarke’s novel. The sequels were also adapted into films.


Here are results from the latest experiment:

Sample 1:   Cory Doctorow

Sample 2:   H. P. Lovecraft

Sample 3:   H. P. Lovecraft

Sample 4:   J. R. R. Tolkien

Sample 5:   Stephenie Meyer

Sample 6:   Douglas Adams

Sample 7:    Arthur Clarke

Sample 8:   David Foster Wallace

Sample 9:    Arthur Clarke

Sample 10:  Arthur Clarke

Sample 11:   Charles Dickens

Sample 12:   H. P. Lovecraft

Sample 13:   Dan Brown

An analysis on analysis:


So actually it’s a tie-up between Lovecraft and Clarke. You see spirit of Lovecraft still keeps haunting me. Maybe because I am using a Lovecraft theme on my blog! To be honest and safe, I have not read even a single book( not even an article!) by any of them. All I did last month was to visit your beautiful blogs and imbibe them. You see, multifarious spirits from your blogs got embedded into my psyche and metamorphosed my writing subtly to give effects like these. I am a terrible reader when it comes to fiction. Now you know who not to look to when you need feedback on your fiction. Just joking. I love reading your stories. And you see I got a dash of Dan, like the last time, at number 13!

I plan on carrying out these experiments month after month. Though as you can see I didn’t check out craft of Lovecraft, even when I had promised I would. So I am going to keep reading your blogs as that makes me happy enough and I really don’t aspire to be a great author. It’s fun. I recommend you to carry out this experiment too. Thanks for reading.


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