The Encouraging Thunder Award!

My sincerest thanks to Colette B of Fishing 4 Soup for nominating me. I am humbled, honored and feel more encouraged because of her kindness and generosity. Our discussions have been so meaningful and inspiring for me. I thank her from the core of my heart and look forward to many such conversations.

 Award Rules:

  •  The nominee posts the Award on their blog and adds the logo.
  •  Pass it on by nominating others (five is the suggested number).
  • Thank the person that nominated you; also add their URL to your post for ping back.
  • Mention your purpose for blogging.

My Nominees Are…


These wonderful people have been tirelessly active to support their blogging friends. They encourage, support, share and help others in learning and growing. They are humble, kind and inspiring. I thank all of them for their generosity and hope they would keep enjoying their blogging, writing and life while encouraging others too. Congratulations dear friends!

  1. Mind and Life Matters
  2. Meg Sorick Writes Better Than She Dresses!
  3. Travel With Stanito
  4. Being Zingy!
  5. Shinepositivepower

My Purpose For Blogging


I miserably failed in an entrance examination for most illustrious technical colleges in India known as IITs. I was a meritorious student in school so I was unable to digest this failure. I blamed it on my lack of intelligence and started working to improve it. This, coupled with my disappointment made me compelled to write voluminous notebooks which evolved and snowballed in time, so much so that it became overwhelming to take care of them. I burnt scores them, sold them to garbage collectors, threw them away at distant place and whatnot, still they kept haunting me!

Then as I started frequenting cyberspace in 2007-08, I started sharing my observations on a few online forums. Later on, some friends suggested me to create a blog and after some hesitation(well, a lot of hesitation!) I created one on Blogger. It kept going well for about 4 years until another friend recommended me to join WordPress. I joined in and it was really a revolutionary transformation for my blogging life. After joining 101 course in August I started receiving an overwhelming amount of friendship, love, kindness and encouragement for the blogging which was mostly a dry affair–a hobby before.

Now I not only enjoy blogging but feel glad that some of the posts bring a smile on someone’s face. It’s a great honor and achievement for my humble writing. I consider myself very fortunate and happy that I joined this wonderful blogging neighborhood and it has changed my life positively within a very short period of time. I look forward to give a little back to this wonderful neighborhood. Thanks for reading this! Have a wonderful day ahead!


33 thoughts on “The Encouraging Thunder Award!

  1. Congratulations on winning the award – your very worthy writing is a joy to read. So glad you became a neighbor in the world of blogging, a diverse space with plenty of room for insights from many people with varied backgrounds and experiences. And you, my friend, are an encourager of the highest order.

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    1. Thanks for being so kind Karen! I am overwhelmed by your generous words. It’s also my immense pleasure to interact with beautiful souls like you, on a regular basis. Thank you very much. 🙂 🙂 Have a nice time!! Anand

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    1. Thanks for being so kind, helpful, supportive and encouraging to all of us all along. We all look up to you for inspiration and motivation everyday. I am glad I could nominate you, as you have already received most of the awards where I can nominate you. Though I would renominate you so that you can spread the love 🙂 Anand

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  3. Wow, if anyone deserves the award, Anand it’s you! You are always so helpful to the community, answering questions, giving good advice on improving our blogs and even correcting our mistakes with sincere kindness (because you want us to succeed!) Congratulations on this award and thank you from the bottom of my heart for nominating me!

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