How to Expand Your Heart!

1. Give:

Give whatever positive you have. The universe is your own self because reality is one. Whatever you give to others you get back. More you give more you get, so expansion of heart takes place as the loving energy embraces you when you give. Don’t be miserly. Give and you would get a thousand times more, give that back and you would get a million times more. Don’t say you don’t have anything, you have something which others lack, give it to others without expecting anything in return. If you don’t have anything just greet people with a kind smile, be generous with appreciation and show your respect to others.


2. Gratitude:


Be grateful for what you have. A heart full of gratitude is a heart full of love. Without being grateful for what you already have, you don’t pave way for more harmony and expansion. Count your blessings everyday and thank those who you meet on your way. This is the way to love, to harmony. Without gratitude you get disconnected with the source, your connection with living waters severs and you start becoming dry.

3. Love:

Though love is a state of being, a frequency of vibration, you can try to practice compassionate love towards entirety of existence. Feel that your heart is expanding to embrace entirety of existence, living and non-living. Try to express your love to plants in your home. It has been found in studies that loving touch and talk helps them grow faster like harmonious music does. Love your pets or any animals you find around you and feed them. Love old people and listen to them, serve them unconditionally.  Love your family members and friends and care for them. As you love you let your heart open and expand. When you care for others you get rid of self-doubt and paranoia. The negative self-talk and bully in your head subside when you embrace others and help them with compassionate love.


4. Meditate and Pray:

Listen to your inner voice and merge yourself in the loving embrace of divine. Meditation and prayer help you get in touch with the affectionate, intelligent and subtle creatrix which cleanses your heart. When you hear your inner voice you know what needs to be done without doubt. Meditation helps energy turn inward and it starts expanding your heart. Mystic fire helps wipe out olden patterns and toxins which are a burden on your heart and you feel fresh like a child after meditation sessions. Crying out in love for divine is also cathartic process which helps expand your heart as you get rid of excessive emotional baggage.


5. Acceptance: 

You should work hard for those things which you can change, and those which you can’t change you should accept. There is no need to complain as it adds nothing to a situation. Instead, it worsens it. Complaints would trap the life force energy which might have started working to improve the situation. With acceptance there arises a great harmony as you come into contact with all that is. Surrender to life opens the doors to eternity.


6. Forgiveness:


Nobody is absolutely free to choose. People who inflicted pain upon you were as much under the illusion as you are now. Bearing grudges is like holding hot coal in your hand for a life time. You are hurting yourself more than you are hurting people around you. Forgiveness exists at a level of understanding where people are considered separate from ourselves. When you accept everything as your own self you realize that whatever good or bad happened to you was because of your expectations and there is nobody to forgive. Still it’s very subtle to understand. What is not so subtle is to forgive those who caused pain and misery to you and move on. Forgiveness releases those myriads of tiny knots in your heart and releases life force which got trapped in emotional patterns and you feel a great expansion of heart taking place.

7. Mindfulness not Reaction:

The world is often a chaotic place to be in. If you react to every stimuli on your way because you are sensitive you would keep creating complexes which would be a great burden for your system. Let it go. Be sensitive to witness reactions inside yourself and others but don’t succumb to them. Let passing show be a passing show. Mindful action is compassionate and it’s never intended to hurt someone. Reactions branch-out in infinite endless patterns and create a hell for you. There is no way out of reactions but mindful action. Mindfulness makes you alive, vibrant and joyous.


55 thoughts on “How to Expand Your Heart!

    1. Thanks for being so kind with appreciation. It gives my heart a joy unspeakable that you felt good by reading this. This is a great honor for me. I am humbled and honored again. Stay blessed my friend 🙂
      Love and light ❤


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  1. Hi Anand!
    Thank you so much for this! I love the photos, and the 700-800 word format really works–keeps it concise. The numbering/listing really helps, too–chunks the text into digestable and un-intimidating pieces. Saving this for future inspiration! 🙂 Thank you again and have a great week!
    PS I think I still owe you a response to one of those award nominations! :O Will try to find it and respond…eventually…your questions felt difficult–fascinating… ;P

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    1. Hello Catherine,

      I hope you are doing good. Thanks for your feedback. I am trying to work out a balance between keeping it reader friendly and speaking my heart out at the same time.
      Please take your time as there is no hurry. I know you have a day job and a family to take care of. So please take your time.

      Best Wishes,

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    1. Dear Scott,

      Thanks for such kind words. I am humbled and honored and constantly learning and getting blessed by beautiful souls like yourself. Thanks for all support and kindness. I wish you love, light and peace. 🙂



  2. Fine things to incorporate in ones life. I try to make a list of things I am grateful for on the day – some days I do, other days my bumble bee mind makes me forget.
    Also, your new picture, makes you look like a social sage – wonderful! 😀

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    1. Thanks for your kind words Mask 🙂
      Yes I have felt that being grateful is so simple and yet starts making differences in our lives very quickly.

      Social sage? LOLOLO 😀 😀 😀
      A few bloggers asked me if the pic I was using was the latest, it was a 3 years old as I rarely take pictures and upload them so I took one yesterday, as authentic self as possible. Now I feel I need not answer anyone. Though people have been asking if I am alright lololo 😀 😀

      Thanks for kind words again.

      Anand 🙂

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  3. I once read we all have a mission in life and we need to find it and our lives will be enriched in the process. Family obligations limit my ability to get out into the world and I didn’t see how I could do such a thing. Then it hit me. (I do think it was God whispering to my heart.) “You don’t have to go a distance or do something time-consuming. You can be an encourager to all you meet.” I have been following through the best I can. It makes my day to see the positive reactions of those I talk to.

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    1. Dear Karen,
      The greatest joy I have in blogosphere is to talk to inspiring souls like yourself. 🙂
      I agree, it’s vain to keep waiting for ‘something big’ to happen before you start helping others. All we need are little acts of kindness. Smiles, greetings, thanks and a little help every now and then–if we do this we see a million hands coming together to help each other and it becomes such a sphere of goodness that we could never have dreamt of it had we kept looking for something. Thanks, it’s always a joy. I feel your simplicity, kindness and positivity in every comment of yours, on my blog and elsewhere. Kindness can’t stay hidden . It glitters and shines 🙂

      Anand 🙂

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    1. My goodness. I am feeling so honored and humbled by your kind words. Thanks. And you might remember that some of the points came out from our conversations. Special thanks for that. Have a great day ahead!

      Anand 🙂

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        1. I feel very glad and can’t express in words how much it means to me. Yes some ideas on love came as we were discussing the other day in your comments section(if my memory serves me right!) Thanks again. 🙂

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