Virtues of sages!


Tao Te Ching 49

The sages have no constant mind
They take the mind of the people as their mind
Those who are good, I am good to them
Those who are not good, I am also good to them
Thus the virtue of goodness
Those who believe, I believe them
Those who do not believe, I also believe them
Thus the virtue of belief

The sages live in the world
They cautiously merge their mind for the world
The people all pay attention with their ears and eyes
The sages care for them as children


14 thoughts on “Virtues of sages!

    1. Good Morning Sarah!

      I am glad to know you are doing good. Yes Danny must be missing you, I thought you were in the same town. I am enjoying Sunday with family and reading blogs. Thanks for asking.

      Have a blissful and peaceful stay Sarah!
      When would you be checking out of there?

      Anand πŸ™‚


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