When I am Sixty Four!

This post is in response to dear Maddy’s blogging event. I tried to skip but God she is strict!

I am 29 years old and I would be 64 in 2050

( Did that math come right?)

When I would be 64 years old, I am very hopeful that there would be abundant love, peace and bliss all around me. It’s here, still it would become even more profound. There would be harmony and beatitude and no place for hunger, poverty or wars.

I would be hopefully doing what I am doing, provided I live that long. I would be teaching kids and listening to stories of people around me. I would be wiping some tears and trying to heal someone. I would be meditating with many people and would be working to help those who need it.


Another fascination would be to be amazed at the wonders of science and technology. I often wonder what is going to be the face of technology in next 15 years. Internet and world-wide web have already created an unforeseen revolution and renaissance. So many people from all across the globe are coming in contact with each other, and this evolution of our species is akin to one candle igniting other which is igniting another and yet another in an endless succession which would enlighten the whole earth up very soon.


What would be the face of communication in 2046? Will we start communicating using brain-wave signals reading minds of each other without using anything mechanical. It looks far-fetched? Maybe, but you never know–it takes just an invention and voila! We are an evolved species. I have always loved sci-fi films and some of my food for thoughts for future comes from them. I would love to go on intergalactic travels, even to parallel universes if that is possible. Well, you asked me to stretch the horses of my imagination, now don’t complain about it!

Featured Image -- 1434

I read Robert Anton Wilson’s The Illuminati Trigger last year and I was a bit disappointed by the progress we have made compared to the expectations of pioneers. They seemed too optimistic. For example, RAW predicted a life expectancy of 800 years by 2012 and immortality after that. I don’t see any of that happening. Not that it matters a great deal to me as I feel every moment is eternity, still, to have a choice to live enough long for everyone would be wonderful to see.


Arthur C. Clarke who invented satellites, and gave us space odyssey trilogy also predicted our voyages to Saturn by 2001. I would be careful to say, that it was fiction but fiction is based on a premise in reality, so it was disappointing for me to know that we have reached only to Moon so far. And on top of that some people said it was a fake landing shoot created out of the remnant footage from Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey


When I was young I read in a local newspaper that by year 2015 we would have scooters flying in air all around us. My credulous mind started playing with fantasies and waiting for that to happen and to my utter disappointment I didn’t see anything like that. Yes they have been invented but they are not in public use like I imagined they would be. Don’t get me wrong, I am a born optimist but observations point to reality.


I hope to see a world I have seen in best of sci-fi films. Houses floating in air and blue-red pills for nutrition and hunger. A society free from diseases, old-age, terrorism and sexism. I would love to see a world where love floats on the halcyon clouds of harmony and peace. I am already at peace with myself and have nothing to accomplish anymore. I don’t have any ambition, any bucket list or any qualms. I would like to pay back a bit to people around me who have made my life so rich. I would like to live in a society where people of all castes, creed, nationalities, ethnicities and sexes walk hand in hand with each other. I would love to be surrounded by beautiful people who love each other unconditionally. The post is already a long rant so there.


73 thoughts on “When I am Sixty Four!

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    1. Thanks for your kind words dear. I visited your FB page and liked a few posts. You have done so much for all of us in just a few days–signs of an inspiring leader. I hope you would keep helping us all.

      Anand 🙂

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  2. What a creative topic! I’m not sure what the world will be like in 39 years when I will be 64. I’m sure we will continue our technological advances but I’m not sure how far we will go exactly. It would be great to further our space travel pursuits though, and maybe discover other life beyond our planet? Things can progress a lot in 39 years, but yet I don’t see us making great strides towards some of the things in the Sci Fi world’s that you mentioned.

    As far as humanity though, I hope for all of the same things as you, although I don’t want to live to be 800! The human body isn’t designed to live quite that long and I don’t want to be miserable and in pain in my old age. Maybe there will be some sort of scientific breakthroughs to help with that though? Who knows.

    Thanks for this thought-provoking post, Anand!

    ❤ and harp strings,

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  3. ANM7

    This is the third time I attempt to write in this box, no lie. It jiggles up and down and makes my words disappear (rant).
    Great post Anand. Science fiction can fill the young mind with imagination. Yes, I went through that. Many great writers. Great and fun ideas. Remember the Beatles song; “When I’m 64”
    That’s quite a number for you. I won’t be around then. Not in a body, at least. Thanks for your support. A nice imaginative, and informative post.

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        1. Yes, this looks rapid because we are born in this age. Suppose you were born in the age when telephone or TV was being incented? Or at the time of industrial revolution? Would you have thought “this progress is not rapid?” No. Because we call something ‘rapid’ or ‘slow’ only when we compare it to others. Now suppose you are born in year 3001 and progress keeps going –what would you think about this progress(2015)? Bullock cart age of technology right? That’s what I meant 🙂

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          1. Ok I get your point. Maybe I should say this instead: it’s exciting because all those technologies that science fiction writers, for example, have written about for so long may finally become real or commercial in our life time, such as self driving cars, virtual reality/holograms, artificial intelligence, etc.


            1. Are you enjoying our discussion? If you don’t take it as ‘argument’ but friendly discussion–I have to say–these sci-fi writers started writing about these things when society evolved enough. For example–in Arabian nights you won’t find such things. However, in Indian mythology Ramayana there is a plane which travels faster than the speed of light–at the speed of mind. I agree that it’s exciting for our generation. Thanks for your valuable input. 🙂 Anand

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  4. Communicating with brain signals….wow…that is definitely something I shall look forward to. If only people could pay attention to the current moment and be aware of the higher conscious to send brain signals, the world would be such a wonderful place to be. Great post mate.


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  5. Anand your horses of imagination ran really very far, its always pleasure to read your blog. I am keeping pace with it as your articles publish quite often(considering my busy life but I make sure I don’t miss any of them), one thing is for sure I love all of them. Its fascinating to get a brighter perspective of things which you put through your thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Dear Umesh,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s not necessary to read each and every piece. We all don’t have equal amount of free time in our lives. Please take care of what needs to be done and if some time is free, read what you like. I am so glad that you read it, liked and stopped by to comment. 🙂



  6. Scott

    I like your blog. After reading it I closed my eyes and fell back a few years to when I was your age – how things seemed and how things actually were. We had many of the same thoughts and questions. One TV show, “The Jetsons” caught my attention. A family of four moved about in an airborne coupe. Of course Star Trek kept my imagination sharp.

    I was living in Eugene, Oregon at the time, and the powers that were continually talked up the 1995 plan. I began to think the Earth might actually miss a revolution when that year arrived. But it came and went, and I still don’t know what all the noise was about.

    Time has passed. All the dust has settled, and I’m still putting my trousers on one leg at a time.

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    1. Hello Scott 🙂
      Good morning.
      Your response makes me feel so good. This is the second time I am hearing about “Jetsons” today. By 1995 plan do you mean internet-revolution. My apologies as I am not familiar with it.

      Thank you so much. 🙂


      1. Scott

        No, the 1995 plan involved making a four-square block area into a pedestrian mall with a big fountain, the works. It was great. Then they decided cars needed to be there, so they tore it all up and put the streets back in. What short-sighted leaders we had/have.

        Dollars speak louder than pleasure.

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  7. Interesting imaginations you have going on for the future! Enjoyed reading this one! 🙂
    I like the idea of floating houses! But immortality I’m not so sure….I still think that life is exciting because we don’t know when it ends….so if we know it’s never going to end then where’s the excitement?

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    1. Good morning Rashmi. I understand Rashmi, there has been much discussion about it and many books have been written and many philosophical debates. But scientists have always been trying to increase life-span. I feel it’s better to have a choice to die. If you have seen all there was to see–you could choose euthanasia. Though inherently I side with you on this one because plan of nature and god is way beyond ours and perhaps that’s why we have not succeeded in our goals 🙂

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      1. The problem to being able to choose to die is that no human will want to choose to die! Because there will always be something or the other that comes up that makes humans think that maybe they should wait to experience that before they decide to die. We humans are very inquisitive creatures who don’t want to stop!

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        1. That point is valid Rashmi. Still I think it might be because we have not experienced that. Maybe 10K years down the line you have exhausted exploring everything? I prefer being open minded in this regard from the viewpoint of utopian society. But personally I am inclined to agree with you as I completely accept what nature and life has to offer 🙂

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  8. Very enjoyable to read Anand and great use of illustrations as always 🙂 Always such a pleasurable visit, informative, explorative, so beautifully written and structured. One candle igniting another is such a wonderful way of describing the interactions and connections via the blogosphere 🙂

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  9. Greetings Anand the dreamer 🙂 what beautiful dreams you have. High flying sci-fi and unconditional universal love are things I would also love to live to experience. Hope you get more than 64 years to shine, share and be here. Great post, love the photos you used, especially the last one. Blessed Love. ❤

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  10. Thank you Anand for contributing to my challenge. It just goes to show that it pays to be strict. I think I will try to do a bit more of it! Believe it or not that is a new attitude for me!

    Those are very altruistic and optimistic visions of the future and I hope that they will come to pass, now that people around the world are more connected than ever before.

    The pictures are also very good and appropriate. Is that clock one a Salvador Dali?

    I am still trying to understand how these Pings work in my WordPress. I can see you and Olive have linked to me in your posts & I have a red dot so I think that must signify a ping-back and the only thing different I can see is that they don’t actually show up as a comment when the page renders online.
    (By George I think she’s got it lol)

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    1. Hahahah she got it 🙂
      Yes my lovely Maddy, please be strict with me as I have no discipline and I follow my heart recklessly. Your wisdom reins would keep me goaded onto the right path. 🙂
      Yes we all hope those altruistic visions become reality of our day very soon. 🙂
      Yes that is a salvador dali imitation.
      I get notifications for ping-backs. Don’t you? I feel you should also get them in comments or maybe not.

      Have a great day ahead Maddy. Thanks again for this wonderful challenge 🙂


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