A Funny Anecdote From Blogging University!

When I was busy preaching about the importance of proper font, a funny thing was on the way and I was not aware of it.

Blogoversity feedback tours took me to distant lands of adventure. Some blogs had tiny font, so I suggested them to increase the font-size. They thanked me for it and I wished them well.

( I so wanted to use that word–blogoversity, my friends didn’t take that as a suggestion for our new alumni forum, finally I am using it anyway!)

What happened next?

When I visited those blogs again–I found a large font on almost all of them. I was elated, because I thought they had considered my suggestion gladly. In turn, upon meeting them again, I thanked them for their consideration.

Sounds nice?

Friendly and good?

What is so funny about it?


I actually forgot that I had used the zoom function of browser every time I visited those sites. Most of you know about it–(CTRL+++) would zoom the font out on any screen.  On most of them, I was using a 125-150% zoomed version of font. As I used this function, the browser stored the enhanced version in its memory for every site. This setting remains intact unless I clear cache memory of browser, so, every time I was visiting those blogs again, I was, actually seeing the zoomed out version.

I thanked them and they happily accepted.

( ***Sigh!***)

Sounds funny?


Never mind.

Thanks for reading!


38 thoughts on “A Funny Anecdote From Blogging University!

            1. No that’s not the case Adrienne. 🙂
              If you read a post on reader–it might be one I did on 101 or one on my blog–when you do “visit site” it would take you to respective location and then you can comment–so you would know whether you were commenting on 101 or my blog. Got it now?


      1. Scott

        Yes, I understand. But back in the old Commodore 64 days we had plugin modems for calling up telephone BBSs (the only Internet was connecting universities only). We had to dial the number on our rotary phone, and then wait until it started ringing. Then we unplugged the phone line from the phone and plugged it into the modem and waited for it to connect. When the connection was made it was at 300 baud. Some phone lines wouldn’t even support that. After our session was finished we had to type in CTRL +++ to break the connection and give the line back to the telephone.

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