The Self

Tao Te Ching
Chapter 13

Favor and disgrace make one fearful
The greatest misfortune is the self
What does “favor and disgrace make one fearful” mean?
Favor is high; disgrace is low
Having it makes one fearful
Losing it makes one fearful
This is “favor and disgrace make one fearful”

What does “the greatest misfortune is the self” mean?
The reason I have great misfortune
Is that I have the self
If I have no self
What misfortune do I have?

So one who values the self as the world
Can be given the world
One who loves the self as the world
Can be entrusted with the world


22 thoughts on “The Self

    1. All perceptions combined together exist inside awareness–which is truth. As such each one of us inhabits our own private world. Thanks for the discussion Maria. I went to your blog but could not find any updates–are there new articles since last 10 days?


    1. Thanks for your kind words Maria.
      Yes our perception of world and yourself makes us feel the way we do.
      It has something do with the truth–it’s based on that truth–the foundation.


    1. Thanks Rashmi πŸ™‚ Yes I changed the theme to Lovecraft because I wanted the sidebar on main page. I also added award widgets on sidebar today. I am glad you liked πŸ™‚

      For the verse: It’s a beautiful book and interpretation would be different for different every interpreatation is alright πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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    1. I really don’t know πŸ™‚
      But: 1. If you feel that you are same as world–that’s you see yourself in everything and being–you have no problems at all–in this case–you regard the world as “real”–everything is a miracle. Surrender is complete.
      2. When you abide in the Self only–you regard everything else as the “dream” and yet there’s nothing else but Self–in which case–you’re a sage who can guide the entire world with your light.

      Both of these suggest two approaches to reach the ‘supreme.’
      1. Path of Devotion: Service which is selfless.
      2. Path of Knowledge–Contemplation on Self–on source of all knowledge.

      Thanks for this beautiful discussion Ramida πŸ™‚
      Good day,

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