Why Feedback Is So Important?

Feedback simply means feeding back into the system. A system can be an animal, a company or a nation. A system is something which functions and produces an output. You are a system too. If you produce an output, you get some ‘feed’ back into yourself out of that output. Now as this feedback goes inside you, the system–it changes the future behavior. Based on the type of feedback system’s output would be better or worse.

Learning essentially happens because of feedback. Without a proper mechanism for feedback any system collapses soon. A company, a group of people or a human being, without getting feedback in some way or other from its environment can’t grow. It would collapse very soon.

A robust system is one where feedback mechanisms are efficient. A production company which has products for which it receives no feedback at all can’t continue to cater efficiently for long. Similarly, an individual who receives no feedback for his actions would soon not be able to adapt anymore. All history of life on Earth is a story of its adapting to its environment–it’s what intelligence is. Life source is the intelligence behind cosmos and when you are in touch with it you are intelligent and capable of adapting.

Intelligent organisms help all life and co-evolve with it. In grip of dysfunctional ego, we humans start imagining our distinct place in universe which is against laws of nature because all life is one and connected and everything is an organ of this infinitely complex harmonious totality of existence.

Ego based structures are bound to become dysfunctional because they are not pro-life. They work for alienation and separation. If you isolate yourself you stop to evolve and learn and unhappiness borne out of it is so evident because your organism, your DNA has molecular coding which makes it essentially pro-life and you are trying to work against it, instead of working for it–resistance inevitably leads to friction, pain and suffering.

Humility comes by an understanding of immensity of cosmos and harmony at root of all existence. Humility is a virtue because it makes you an open system which is receiving feedback from environment and getting evolved. A truly original thinker would always be in awe and wonder like a child–because taking sides comes from dysfunctional monkey mind.

In a changing world, living systems of any complexity, to survive for long, always have had to monitor and respond to how their surroundings are reacting to them and to their actions. Thus, all such surviving systems become — and are — susceptible to feedback as behavioral reinforcement, known in psychology as the famous universal natural Law of Effect:  You get more of what you reinforce.Even without the clear and cogent findings to the same effect throughout the last century by Maria Montessori, Santiago Ramon y Cajal, Omar K. Moore and Marion Diamond — and even without what was earlier so dramatically demonstrated to us by the Socrates — we are led inescapably toward the Feed-the-Loop model, in whichAll complex systems in a changing world require feedback in order to survive.

References: Feedback-Loop Model

Note: I am indebted to Dr. Win Wenger ; who is a pioneer in the field of education, for allowing me to refer to his articles on Feedback-Loop model. These images also belong to Project Renaissance article. I recommend you to read the original article for a deeper understanding of feedback and how it affects every domain in our lives.


40 thoughts on “Why Feedback Is So Important?

      1. Hahaha Yes I have and thank you for asking. I guess I can’t get enough of blogosphere especially your post. They are really thought-provoking and reading them particularly your answers to the awards helped me get to know you better. As I read others comments they really all loved you!

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          1. I’ve seen you almost have 300 followers really I’m right soon you will have 10k and they will be blessed to follow you and reading your post, you are such a wealth of information. I feel like I have to take a notebook and list the unfamiliar words I have encountered in your post lol 😛

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  1. infobloomer

    I have always seen the value in feedback especially constructive feedback that builds you and makes you a better individual. (With an emphasis on being respectful). Good post as usual Anand.

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  2. I really enjoyed this. Much of what I might have said has been covered by other commenters, but I’ll just add this. As a health care professional, learning how the body functions has helped me build a deep respect for how wonderfully we are made. The human organism and indeed our universe is run by complicated sets of feedback loops, most of them going on around and within us without our even realizing it. When we contemplate these beautiful mechanisms to organize our universe and our bodies it should create in us an awe and reverence for the nature that we are and that we inhabit. When we can choose to give feedback, we should do this, knowing that, done in the right spirit, it can improve the lives of not only ourselves, but those around us. Have a wonderful weekend, Anand! PS: too many commas? 🙂

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    1. Hello Meg,
      You have eloquently expressed it. Mandelbrot sets and Fractals are beautiful representations to understand complex nature and its intricate feedback loops.
      Yes–you know about “bio-feedback” too. That was used in 60s–something similar to what we are talking about right now.

      Do you see too many commas in my writing or in the quotations? Quotes have been taken from Dr. Win Wenger’s article. Please let me know.

      Hope you are enjoying this weekend Meg 🙂

      P. S. : I have a long list of nominations–I guess you would decline those right? Just let me know so that I don’t put undue pressure on you 🙂 🙂


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      1. HaHa! No I meant all the commas I used in MY comment! I’ve been nominated multiple times for the two awards circulating around! I’m trying to figure out how to combine the whole thing so I don’t keep reposting over and over! However it is an honor to be shown all the love!

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  3. Our internal systems work on feedback mechanisms; we live in society with a feedback system; our intelligence works well because of feedback system. This article corresponds to what I was reading some hours earlier.

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  4. 21st Century Sarah

    Your points are very fascinating. I am glued to this post. I enjoy reading on how you make very complex ideas and findings and break them down into easily digested info. Looking forward to your next post.

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    1. Dear Sarah,
      Please accept my apologies for having not visited your blog earlier. I wanted to but could not. Today I would spend some time reading your posts and giving you feedback which would be in my ability.

      You are very kind. Thanks for your visit and feedback. I wish you a wonderful weekend.

      Anand 🙂


    1. Hahaha lol 😀 Thanks for your kind words Kristina. One of my teachers suggested me to take Philosophy as a subject when I was in grade 8th in school. Fate took me to be a programmer. It’s all past and all good now.

      Thanks for your kind feedback.

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        1. I worked as a programmer analyst developing interfaces for communication using a middleware tool TIBCO(The Information Bus Company) –a Java based tool. Yes I quit job after falling very ill–I didn’t join back. 🙂


  5. I LOVE what you wrote about humility being a virtue! It is soooooooooooo true! I’ve always, ALWAYS told my children when they were younger to always be humble–and they have remembered that and it has served them well! My feedback–this is a great post!! Thank you for giving us all a great read for the beginning of the weekend!

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    1. Oh I am so glad! Thanks for all the kind feedback Catherine. You are a nice mom and I remember you told me that you are being a mom on phone these days 😀 Thanks for your kind feedback 🙂 Best wishes 🙂


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