Poll Results For The Tagline and The Length of Post Are Out!

Hello Folks!

I had created two polls about a week ago. One for deciding about my blog’s tagline and other for deciding about what should be an ideal length of post. I am sharing results with you but please let me first share the polls first to give you an idea. I thank all of those who voted on these and gave me their valuable feedback via comments too.

Poll 1: What should be the length of the post on my blog?

Poll2:  What tagline do you think best suits my blog?

Results of these polls are:

I wanted to share image results for polls but their resolution made it difficult to read them so I had to omit them.

Result 1:

  1. Medium is the winner: 500-700 words: Received 9 votes out of 20 (45%): I should try to stick to this range for most of the posts now. I should break long posts in parts as many of you have suggested.

Other suggestions: 

Rely on gut feeling.

Break posts into parts.

Create SEO friendly posts(long usually.)

Result 2:

  1. A distant cousin of Jabberwockying(the current tagline) is the winner receiving 8 votes out of 23 (35% votes.)

Other Answers:

Jibbering and Jabbering: Interesting.

Lollygagging: Wonderful–I love this as well. Whoever suggested this–thank you.


15 thoughts on “Poll Results For The Tagline and The Length of Post Are Out!

  1. I do not even know how to use WordPress yet so I don’t think I will be trying a poll anytime soon, but thanks for the info. I seem to be so busy reading others comments from 101 I havent even thought about trying to put up a new post. !!!!
    I am finding this so very interesting and wish I had a better grip on how to format posts etc 🙂

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    1. Please let me know if you need some help. Though I am certainly a novice myself, I might help with some things. In case I don’t know I might able to direct question to those who know. Please let me know 🙂

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  2. Hey Vibrant, I missed the polls but I think you provided a valuable tool for all of us to try out. Perhaps each one of us should carry out a poll on our tagline, too. Not knowing the first thing about how to set up a poll, could you share your how-to’s?

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    1. Thanks for your kind words. 🙂 You can go to WPadmin—>Feedback—->Polls–>Add New–there create your options and save it. Use “embed and link” option once it has been created. Then use Polldaddy code in paste. It’s simple. Let me know if anything is not clear as you try it.

      Yes you can do a poll on your tagline and anything else. Hope you would enjoy it as it’s fun 🙂


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  3. oqu3

    Thanks for having conducted this valuable research. The answers, however are likelihoods I considered, but reassurance is good. I also wanted to compliment you on such a beautiful picturesque blog.
    One more thing; in respect to your advise about paragraphs. I have made a effort to create paragraphs though I don’t possess the rules governing such a practice. I know that one would assume that everyone should know this subject, but as I stated before, I write by instinct (don’t know much about grammar). So it is by instinct that I separated my thoughts in a few of my last posts.

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      1. oqu3

        Don’t sweat it, but now, since you already stirred the waters, look at my last post again please (you owe it to me) and tell me if I have at least the smallest grasp on paragraphing, and is the presentation more appealing. It is too late to back off now, the hand of God caused you to present the thought you did.

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          1. oqu3

            Hey (my turn to haha) stop with the humble role, and tell me (at least) what I think….
            That it looks a little more presentable. Honestly, it was good that you offered the advice you did (“based on what little experience” you have.).

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