Premio Dardos Award Nominations

I have been overwhelmed by the love and sharing in this wonderful community. But on the same hand the torch must be passed because it would keep us all motivated. I have been nominated for Premio Dardos award by Sinead of Continuing with M.E. This is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers in the spirit of friendship, creativity, community and originality. Premios dardos is Italian for Prize Darts. I am honored and humbled again . I thank Sinead with all my heart and I suggest you all to visit her beautiful website.

Award Rules:

1) Include the Premio Dardos Award Picture and the name of the person that nominated you (Include a link to their blog)

2) Nominate 15 other blogs and notify them!

3) Thank the blogger who nominated you in your blog and link back.

Here are the nominees:


Socrates Underground

Tracey is a teacher who writes interesting stories and is very helpful to her fellow bloggers. Thank you Tracey.Thank you Tracey.

 Atypical 60

A Typical Blog. A Typical Woman. A Typical Take On Life. With An Atypical Twist! What more can I say? Thank you Catherine.

Shine On

 Precious is a young blogger and a down to earth person who shares her personal experiences in an engaging manner. Thank you Precious.

Kristina Van hoose 

Kristina is such a nice storyteller and friend. She has helped her fellow classmates immensely in the blogging university. Thank you Kristina.

Meg Sorrick: Writes Better Than She Dresses

Yes, she loves to read and write. Visit her blog for reading beautiful romantic fiction and she’s a very friendly person too. Thank you Meg.

Mind and Life Matters 

Rashmi has a strong voice and her articles are very thought provoking. She has been very helpful to her fellow bloggers in blogging university. Thank you Rashmi.

Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures

Sarah’s attic has many treasures–pictures, quotes, recipes and links to various beautiful blogs. She is a very kind hearted person. Thank you Sarah.


Words Coffee and Lace Dresses

A law student and coffee lover blogs her heart out with a dash of humor. Thank you.

Camellia Sentry

Camellia is a very friendly and bubblicious blogger who keeps her fellow bloggers and readers motivated with her inspirational articles. Thank you Camellia.

Super Bookworm

A voracious reader and a friendly person. Visit this blog to get wonderful book recommendations. Thank you Super.

Beastie’s Blog

Cute little monsters called Beasties go on trips with a creative blogger who is down to earth. Thank you Helen.

Travel Much?

Olive is a witty travel writer with a great sense of humor. Thank you Olive.

When Coffee Meets Rain

That’s when magic happens. Amanda is a wonderful blogger and she writes about her interesting experiences. She is very friendly too and has helped many people in blogging university with her feedback. Thank you Amanda.

Earnest Expressions

Aarti is a wonderful writer and her stories are beautiful and inspiring. Thank you Aarti.

Cocoa Evenings

Visit her blog for beautiful pictures and have a cup of cocoa with her watching the Sunset. Thanks Cocoa.


21 thoughts on “Premio Dardos Award Nominations

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    1. So you created an award? Congratulations for creating one. Now your name would be circulating in the blogosphere until it exists. Hopefully. 🙂 🙂

      Hahaha. Thanks for nominating me. I would be sure to check this soon. Thanks for your kindness 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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  4. Sincerely, Hil

    You so deserve it, Anand! You are an amazing person for all the hard work you put in to making all of us feel welcomed and supported. It’s been inspiring to see 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Why not. I am going to nominate some people in two three days–why not you? It’s just a kind gesture actually which exists only in the Blogosphere. People who get nominated pass the torch–so it strengthens and encourages the entire community. Would you like to take the torch?

      Liked by 1 person

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    1. Thanks dear Becky. I am sorry that I could not see your posts for last few days as my subscription management was disturbed. Hopefully I would be able to visit regularly now. You have also been a very kind person to me and other classmates. Thanks a lot Becky and have a nice weekend 🙂 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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