The Doll’s Eyes

A very profoundly moving mystery!

This is an entry for the July Month-o-Minis contest at Brigit’s Flame. Prompt was: doll’s eyes
Word count: 192 
Constructive criticism is always welcome!
Music lyrics from Shirley Ellis’ Clapping Song

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Three, six, nine
The goose drank wine
The monkey chewed tobacco
On the streetcar line

I remember my little girl singing those words when she jumped rope outside. I would watch her from my spot on the steps, and I wished I could jump too.

But dolls can’t jump.

I watched her as she slept. I smiled as she dreamt and wished I could dream too.

But dolls can’t dream.

I stayed by her side when she was afraid of the monster under her bed and the shadows in the room. I tried to whisper comforting words.

But dolls can’t whisper.

I wanted…

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